Friday, May 3, 2013

ARTICLE | Medical Health Care… or the Absence of It

In the Philippines, access to medical health care is synonymous to rain in Africa. For an individual to exert an effort to see a doctor means that the condition is in terminal case. Otherwise, the common Pinoy will opt to stay at home and ignore the symptoms of his unknown disease until too late.

My mother for instance would rather spare the family from what is considered “burden” from paying exorbitant medical fees, when they can use the money for food or other necessities. In other words, medical condition is the last priority in a common family.

Another issue that prevents the average Pinoy to see the doctor is the doctor itself, the hospital facilities or hospital staff. There is never that sense of professional treatment to patients. Doctors are not present in their offices when needed. Hospital facilities are more often than not “century old” and would not probably pass accepted modern standards. 

Lastly, the staff do not have concern on what they do since facebook status or debts owed by the neighbor would be overseen/heard on their mobile and telephone conversations, chatting the day away. Really depressing isn’t it.

These days even professional consultations cost a lot, making it a last viable solution for individuals who badly need of some medical attention. Luckily we now have alternatives such as online sources that provide a wide range of services be it medical or relationships. For more information on relationship counseling, please see this link, dedicated to couples and relationships.

This is the reason why I think, one’s survival in the Philippines depends on how well you can handle the things I mentioned above. If in dire need of medical assistance, you need to brace yourself for an eventual meeting with your creator. If your lucky and you’re able to get through the obstacle courses of Philippine medical track and field, then you’ll live.

Darwin was right in his survival of the fittest concept. Only the strongest shall exist.

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