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CORPORATE | Oman Employment Visa Application Series : GAMCA

Updated as of June 9, 2016

While it is true that DOH has abolished the GAMCA referrals, direct hiring is still a possible route for overseas employment medical testing.
  • The procedure is simple, just go to your accredited DOH Clinic and ask if they can conduct a medical test for your specific country.
  • Note: Each GCC country for instance will have their own medical test requirements and vaccinations, so it is important that you mention this to your physician.
  • If the clinic accepts your request, you will be asked to sign a form (which replaces the GAMCA referral). And you can proceed to the regular medical procedure.

Updated as of: August 2, 2015

As of this writing, we have received reports that GAMCA has been abolished in the Philippines, which means all pinoys processing their visas will have to go through DOH to get the medical certifications.

Note: If you find any other sources or developments on this issue, please comment in this article.




One very informative blog entry on processing medical test from GAMCA, is

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( Click the above to open the link )

This blog site explains in details the process of taking medical test under GAMCA, infectious and non-infectious diseases to make you either fit or unfit to work, and what to do for the medical test.

I would like to quote the guidelines that this blog site has laid out:
Main Concern: 
Medical exam in the philippines especially GAMCA clinics is very unkind and extremely frightening, please take this exam seriously if you want to have a brighter future. if you're already outside the country especially in GCC area and wants to transfer to other GCC for a new work, i would rather recommend you to process your documents to your current country rather in philippines. local medical exam is by far more have strict rules than abroad. this is the procedure they implemented, we have to deal it. 
1. visit 1st the GAMCA office and look for the nearest clinic you prefer 
Skip process No. 1, go directly to the clinic. 
2. your preferred clinic will issue GAMCA control sheet then refer you to another affiliated medical clinic 
3. visit this referred clinic and choose your best schedule

Address (new):2nd floor, vitug bldg, jorge bocobo st, ermita, manila.how to get there: just ride lrt line 1 then alight to united nations station. their building is in the road infront of the st. lukes clinic (pls see map above).
This office has already closed and non-operational. 

For phase 1 and phase 2 combined = php2,605 minimum (with external fees)
medical exam coverage: (for phase 1 and phase 2)
1. nurse station for blood pressure and basic health questions such as previous records of health diseases, etc (5 mins). 
2. laboratory test such as blood extraction (required to have at most before 12 hours fasting), stool (bring sample) and urine (on-site sample) (5 mins). 
3. chest x-ray (3 mins). 
4. psycho test that includes simple questions and other IQ related (1.5 hour). 
5. optometry that includes visual acuity, near vision and color blindness (10 mins). 
6. physical examination that includes wearing-off pants and underwear and other advance health questions (5mins). 
7. dental exam (5mins)

Applicant Accommodation:
Daily basis, depending on clinics open hours (usually 8-5pm and M-F).
what to do:
1. visit 1st GAMCA new office as stated on the address above. 
2. look for the updated listing, i suggest to visit the nearest clinic on this building. 
3. once you visited this nearest clinic, they will refer you to another affiliated clinic where you will perform your medical exam. they will give a piece of paper for GAMCA database. 
4. visit this referred clinic and ask for the required things before you start such as fasting, plastic clear bottles, etc. i recommend that perform your exam the following day (minimum) so that you can prepare well enough. 
  • a. bring stool sample (must be fresh, and in a small sterilized plastic container. this container is available in all drugstores)  
  • b. fasting started late at night (no any kind intake of drinks and foods, as in zero) 
5. bring php3,000 minimum amount of money (of course, there are other expenses such as urine container and dental cleaning)6. after your exam, expect to have negative findings.

Thanks to this blogger, we now have some idea how to proceed with the medical test for GAMCA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ask lng ako sir, direct hire kc ako then nirequire ako ng medical exam na GAMCA accredited na clinic. Pwede na ba ako deretso sa clinic take the test na d na ako dadaan sa gamca office?

Answer: No. You need to get the referral slip from GAMCA before proceeding to the right clinic. ( It doesn't take an hour to get the slip from GAMCA. Wag tamad. Bad yun! )

Same po ba pag family visa ung medical exam?

Yes. The processing body of the visas in Oman is the same for all categories- the Royal Oman Police. So they will need the same medical results.

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