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The Mummy Returns : Historical Context

Rick O'Connel with his wife Evelyn once again went to Egypt to gather some artifacts. They have found a bracelet called "Bracelet of Anubis" which had been worn by Alex (the son of Rick and Evelyn).

Imhotep has risen through the reincarnation ritual of Anak Su Namun, Imhotep tried to steal the Scorpion King's army by abducting Alex. Seven days before the Scorpion King could rise from the dead, Rick and Evely found the trail to Alex's location.

Rick and Evelyn thought everything was over after reaching the temple, but everything turned out to be worse. Evelyn was killed by the reincaration of Anak Su Namun. Imhotep on the other hand lost his immortality after Anubis took it from him. Rick fought with Imhotep eventually killing the latter. Later on, Rick was able to kill the Scorpion King which also destroyed Anubi's army.

Incidents in the Film Depicting History

First, the war between the army of the Scorpion King and the Meji's, alongside the temple of Thebes showed that in ancient Egypt several conquerors came to colonize Egypt due to its rich resources.

Second, the levitation of water through Imhotep's power showed that although Egypt is predominantly arid, water abounds flowing from River Nile making the land productive.

Historical Relevance of the Film

In ancient times, the Egyptians use mysticism unknown to other human civilizations. Examples of these mystic practices are the construction of the pyramids, sphinx statues, and mummies among others. The film also showed the influence of pharaohs in forming strong armies to conquer other nations.

From my old files, Social Studies, July 11, 2001

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