Monday, June 17, 2013

SPA REVIEW | Amistad Spa (Quezon Avenue)

Amistad Spa is located along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City. The location itself is not so easy to spot if you have some trouble figuring out small signs on the road, especially at night. If you're coming from Diliman area, it will be on your right. If you're from Manila area, it will be on the left. But they will transfer to Tomas Morato quite soon. Details of the complete address has not been disclosed as of this writing.

Price.................... 5/10

Massage............... 6/10

Facilities............... 4/10

Service.................. 5/10

For a more detailed address of Amistad Spa, please click the link below:

The architectural taste is modern based on the facade of the building utilizing red as its primary motif. Could easily symbolize passion and desire, and in a massage set up- this can be quite alluring. You are met by a wooden door which will lead you to a narrow reception. At the reception, you can ask for the list of services you can avail of, ranging from PhP750 to PhP2,000.

The inside of the Spa can only house 3 or 4 people at a time. Clearly, the Spa was not meant for big number of clients.

After choosing your desired service, you are ushered through an even narrower hallway and stairs. You'll notice the panels of curtains that cover the rooms. For men, once you reach the MALE VIP, you just need to enter. When you open the curtain you'll immediately face a mirror. Adjacent to that are the lockers.

I honestly feel that the management should not have designed the locker room this way. It was so cramped that if I was claustrophobic, I'll seriously freak out. There are no benches to sit down so you just have to wait for the others to dry their ass before you can have your turn.

The shower room is not a bit better. Curtains are either dirty, torn or completely missing. Water is weak and no soap or shower is available. Truly a disappointing shower area.

They only have steam room. NO sauna.

The rooms are divided by thin wooden boards, each concealed by curtains. So if the massage session on the other room is a bit noisy, you'll easily hear it- sound of the masseur walking, whispers, even the squeaking of the bed. Everything can be heard.

The massage was nothing spectacular. The pressure was good as the therapist was able to apply considerable hard pressure. But there was something missing with the routine. The stretching was also below expectation.

OVERALL, I won't recommend Amistad Spa. Maybe we should wait for the new location and see if there's any difference.

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