Thursday, June 20, 2013

TRAVEL | Bangkok, Thailand Photos

I am not the shopper type of traveler. I prefer to do sightseeing than spend on some clothes, shoes, etc. But Bangkok really lures a visitor with all the cheap but great buys you can find. So, in the end I found myself buying this and that. I even told myself that I will go back to Bangkok to do some shopping. I love this place. It is even cheaper than Divisoria. And the merchandise are, how can I say this, uhm- updated? Well, compared to the things you'll find in 168 Mall I think Bangkok has more to offer and more bargains that is. 

For more photos of my Bangkok encounters, please visit:

Bangkok, Thailand 2013 Photoshoot

Do you have some stories to share about your trip in Thailand? Feel free to comment it here and I'll feature your stories.

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