Thursday, June 20, 2013

FOOD | Gastro Trip in Cambodia and Thailand 2013

And just because I have plenty of time to upload photos and weave my stories, here comes the gastro part of my trip.

Let me just say that Pinoy and Thai food are totally different. There is no resemblance at all. If anything, it might be the penchant for using too much oil. Yes, Thai food is sort of greasy as much as Pinoy dishes are. And no, Thai food is not necessarily spicy. They have this distinctive Thai flavor into their food. I think it comes from a certain plant. I don't know. 

I still prefer Korean food though. :)

Fish Amok

Vietnamese Pho served in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Vegetable Salad ala Russian Style

Tom Yum or Seafood Soup, tastes like Sinigang 

Pork with coconut milk, but sweeter

Egg Omelet with Cheese, I still prefer the regular omelet

Salmon Planang or Fish with sweet coconut milk

Chicken Curry

Sang Som or local Thai rhum which causes three days of hangover

For more photos on food and delicacies of Cambodia and Thailand, please hit the link below:

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