Monday, June 3, 2013

SPA REVIEW | New York Spa (Timog, QC)

New York Spa

Price.................... 8/10
Massage............... 9/10
Facilities............... 6/10
Service.................. 8/10

For all you peeps out there who are looking for some relaxing spa, you need to check out NEW YORK SPA. It's not a fancy spa, but their staff are very skillful and know what they are doing. Just a caution however, don't expect too much with their facilities. But then again, you came for the massage and not for the facilities right.

6th Level, Penthouse, CTTM Bldg., Morato, Cor. Timog Ave., Quezon City 1100
Contact details: (02)441-0651, (02)441-0650
Website (if any):


Reception: Facing the glass door, wooden desk with two staff on duty, choose the services from the spa menu 
Locker room: Ample space to accommodate many guests 

Wet Area

Shower - Yes, 4 cubicles with shower curtains
Sauna - Yes, can accommodate 10 pax 
Steam - Yes, can accommodate 10 pax 
Jacuzzi - Yes, but not well maintained. Tiled floor is slippery.

Treatment availed

1 - Authentic Swedish
2 - Signature New York Spa

Treatment area: Private or Common Area
*Common area has 100 less from the Private

Therapist type: Male and Female

Review on the therapist:
Recommended - Kevin, Coco, Alden

Price range: From 800 onwards


Related Reviews:
(Click the link above to find the address of the Spa).
"The facilities were great. The lobby has nice interiors and there is a common balcony area for dining if you want to drink or eat something healthy after your massage. The wet area is small yet that's better since there are a few people there as compared to Wensha Spa. The jacuzzi and shower are as nice - very unwholesome though since the guys and tandercat beckies are butt naked. The dry sauna is not steamy or hot enough - so management should check this out..."
If there’s a spa I am most comfortable with, it has to be New York Spa, located atop that building in the corner of Morato and Timog in Quezon City. It is not as fabulous as The Spa; neither as chic or luxurious as those in Manila Pen and Edsa Shangri-La. There’s no food buffet like what you’d find in Wensha; neither an aquarium of masseurs in smorgasbord. But it’s the absence of those that makes me feel at home, no frills, no fireworks, no unnecessary effects, no unwanted drama — just pure, unadulterated bliss.

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