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Debunking Beauty Myths from Idol Kim's Stand Up Comedy

I know this is kind of lame to discuss something that comes out of a comedy spectacle. But you know, there are some truths that we'll find useful in some comedian's insights. Though they may be quite exaggerated, there is still that universal truth ingrained within every exaggeration.

From a youtube video entitled, The New Queens of Stand Up Comedy, Kim Idol acting as Ms. Peggy Co shares some tips on how to be beautiful and at the same time discusses the benefits of being beautiful. I find these statements rather intriguing. But at this time and age, where people have associated beauty with some other things like career advantage and relationships, it is high time to scrutinize where people stand on the issue of beauty. Has our effort to promote equality become in vain since beautiful people are usually given advantage? Have people become more concerned about physical beauty and limited their choices of partners based on appearance? These are some questions that we need to look at.

  • Tiredness is next to lolaness.
  • If beauty fades, ergo, ugliness lasts forever
  • Kung ang kagandahan ay palamlam ng palam lam, ang kapangitan patapang ng patapang.
  • In time nababawasan ang kagandahan. At least na-experience na maging maganda.
  • Beauty is skin deep. Of course.
  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - is a big joke.
  • Beauty is relative. Kung maganda mga kamag-anak, maganda ka rin. Kung panget, tinginan na lang kayo. I sikreto nyo na lang
  • Beauty is a commodity. Address it and meet it head on.
  • If your problem is your face, then attack your face.
  • Beautiful people will always have the best opportunities
In fastfood: beautiful = counter - promoted - manager
In fastfood: ugly = kitchen - promoted - mascot 
In airline: beautiful = flight attendant
In airline: ugly = ground staff, taga-senyas sa eroplano 
In mall: beautiful = Trinoma cosmetics section
In mall: ugly = stock room ng sapatos 
In news: beautiful = news anchor
In news: ugly = field reporter 
Artista: beautiful = star - lead roles - noon time show
Artista: ugly = extra - noon time show pero pang balance programming lang 
Grades: beautiful = asikaso ng guro - favorite - pag absent hinahanap
Grades: ugly = wala pa mali, mali na agad - naka-upo sa tapat ng basurahan - primary suspect pag may umutot kahit absent 
Service: beautiful = guard greets
Service: ugly = tiis lang mahaba ang pila - kapkap - tanggal damit - pa-amoy aso 
Seats in MRT: beautiful = may mag papaupo
Seats in MRT: ugly = makakarinig ng "mag ingat sa mandurukot" - baka nagkataon lang - "bumaba na po ang mandurukot"
But admit it or not, beautiful people indeed receive society's favor. Researchers have found that good looking students get higher grades from their teachers than students with an ordinary appearance.Studies among teens and young adults, such as those of psychiatrist and self-help author, Eva Ritvo, show that skin conditions have a profound effect on social behavior and opportunity ("beauty." wikipedia).

How much money a person earns may also be influenced by physical beauty. One study found that people low in physical attractiveness earn 5 to 10 percent less than ordinary looking people, who in turn earn 3 to 8 percent less than those who are considered good looking. Discrimination against others based on their appearance is known as lookism. ("beauty." wikipedia).


Photo insert from Sandro Botticelli - La Nascite di Venere. Sandro Botticelli - La Nascite di Venere. 

The New Queens of Stand Up Comedy.

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