Thursday, August 8, 2013

PHOTOGRAPHY | First Newspaper Publication, Picture of the Day

And I am really making this a big deal. Because it is, for me.

Yesterday while I was reading the newspaper on the way to the office, I saw my photo published in it. The newspaper's name is Muscat Daily. I have been sending photos to them for two weeks and I didn't expect to see my photo. I was surely half expecting but it's so surreal that they'll actually publish it. 

The Golden Tulip Nizwa, is a hotel found in Nizwa. Architecture and interior are predominantly Omani.

And that's me. :)

I've been taking photos for two years now. Not so much for a living but just for the fun of it. I bring my DSLR wherever and whenever possible, though I should admit that going somewhere with this cam is uncomfortable. But at the end of the day, it's really the magnificent shots and captured memories that count. So I'll just continue to shoot and save these memoirs.

I plan to get published in several venues- print, Internet, advertisements, books. The possibilities are endless and the opportunity to learn more about photography is infinite. 

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