Sunday, September 15, 2013

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2013 Results

And so we come to this year's edition of UAAP Cheerdance Competition aka CDC 2013. This is what I want to call the laglagan year of the perennial winners and the sinuwerte year for those in the offing. 

I have noticed that the three expected squads to top this year sort of fell short of expectation and committed more blunders than the usual. For instance, UP and UST would have easily vied for the championship if not for wobbly errors on their pyramids. The level of difficulty that UP and UST cannot be understated. They deserve the crown (if only). FEU on the other hand somehow failed to deliver and meet audience's expectations. Some viewers commented "parang walang wow factor sa routine."

Ergo, the other teams who have been as usual just waiting for the top contenders to commit mistakes, seized the opportunity (in short, oportunista) but to be fair, if the judges based their points on fluidity then they can have the crown (kahit na ang boring lang, as other viewers would put it.

New Venue and Pamamahay

I know this is not the first time that the UAAP was done in MOA but I think the venue also played a big BIG factor with the performers spatial estimation. The floor was just too wide and probably affected the lifting and tosses and what not. I still feel that Araneta is a better venue for the CDC. 

Below are the videos of the top three winners from 2nd, 1st then champion (whatever... hahaha, bitterness. E kasi naman, parang hindi pa rin naka move on sa disney theme... ack!)

2nd Runner Up : La Salle and the should have been Rated PG theme of violence

1st Runner Up : UP and the "sayang talaga kung naging malinis lang eh naka 9/15 sana"


Champion : NU and the "sige i-push niyo lang yan mga teh, try niyo naman mag Lion King next year"


4th Runner Up : FEU and the "huh, yun na yun? baka meron pa ibang stunt?!"

Most Devastated Performance : UST and the "tama na, hindi ko na kayang panuorin!"

Oh well, not only NU made history for bagging its first ever (hopefully not the last) championship but UST also marked a new statement for this year. And we somehow know what to expect next year.

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