Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 Year Ender : February

February 2013

It's my birthday month and I'm the son of Pisces- creative and artistic. This month has been very productive for me. I have covered three wedding events of my colleagues (see videos below). I was surely inspired by the wedding videos I saw in YouTube and thought I could produce something like that. And that's when the idea of 'Abdula Productions' was born. 

And since I have the new DSLR, I decided that it is high time to pursue my craft and use it into something worthwhile.

Realization: If life doesn't give you opportunity then you just have to create your own. It's easier to say to whine and say that 'it's so difficult to achieve what I want because... (insert millions of excuses)' than to say 'it will happen because there's a way... if there's no way, then you just have to find one.'

This 2013 taught me that whatever happens to our life is not a matter of coincidence. There's a bit caused by luck but 90% is achieved through hardwork and determination. 

When I was young, I dreamed to travel the world- meet foreign people and experience different cultures. Now that I am old, I have achieved all these. Partly because I am lucky but also I learned how to play my cards well.

Martin Flores & Kathleen Banas

Raymond & Joy Delena

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