Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 Year Ender : January

It's almost the middle of December and we're about to say goodbye to 2013. I'm not sure why I'm giving too much attention to this annual parting but I guess it comes with age. The older you get, the more value you give to time. You know you're getting old when you realize that all of us are living on borrowed time. And that one day, we'll all be figments of memories. That people we've crossed path with in this life will only remember us through photos. Funny how life can be. 

Anyhow, I am writing a series of articles which will cover the whole 12 months of 2013. Each article will feature my personal take on social issues and general topics. 

January 2013

Celebrated my second new year in Saudi Arabia with my Seder APD family. This was my first ever job abroad and I learned so much about the lives of Pinoy OFWs. I look at this experience as a participatory research getting myself involved with all fellow Filipino expats from all walks of life.

Realization: Education system in the Philippines should be changed and cater to the global needs of the Filipinos especially in terms of oral English communication skills and project management skills. English should be reinforced and given priority- more of speaking than grammar. Computer skills must also be enhanced- excel in particular.

And personality development- business manners, power dressing and social skills. These are the things that matter when working overseas. I have never encountered anything mathematically complex in OFWs line of work (unless in the field of engineering). So I think students need not be burdened by too much math subjects.

I mean in the future, I will make sure that my kids will be able to speak English very well and know at least five major languages, travel the world and participate in international events. This is what makes people globally competitive.

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