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2013 Year Ender : June

June 2013: Cambodia & Thailand

I was browsing through my PC one fine day in June and then I told myself that I had to go somewhere. Out of compulsion, I bought my tickets to Cambodia and Thailand. A few days later, I told my family that I'm leaving and they were like, OK.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Such a beautiful country and hospitable people. I really had a good time in this country, from the hotel to the tourist attractions. It was very quiet and you have that moments where you can just reflect on your life. It was such a good destination choice. And what makes this trip extraordinaire was that I met some UP students in the plane. And as luck would have it, we were seated in the same row. Twist of fate.

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And in this trip, I saw the huge disparity from Western and Asian travelers. Westerners tend to see backpacking in Asia either as an escape from their rigid life in their country of origin OR a chance to do business/network. Asian travelers are more after the fun of it.

Bangkok & Pattaya, Thailand

In general, I like Thailand. But I don't feel that I would want to visit this country for leisure. It has a striking resemblance with the Philippines- in all aspects. Sure, Thailand is a notch higher than the Philippines in terms of economy but the culture and people are almost identical. And I can't say that I had fun in this country. Guess what I am trying to say is that I might re-consider coming back to Thailand but it would be on my bottom list.

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Bangkok, Thailand Photos

Realization : It takes courage and wit to survive backpacking trips. I always feel that I am one of those participants in Amazing Race where I had to compete with all other backpackers. But fact of the matter is, you will be forced to develop you social skills when you're out there on your own. And boy- social skills can spell the difference between failure and success.

June 2013 : Singapore

#Sarah Sarmiento chatted with me one time and asked if I was passing by Singapore during my backpacking period. Out of the blue I said 'yes'! But how, I didn't know. Again, twist of fate, I had the chance to jump to an Asian country because my new job will be in Oman. Second twist of fate. I was sending out my CVs everywhere and finally got a lucrative offer from Oman and though I just came from KSA and enjoying my free days- I said why not accept the offer and see where it goes.

So there I was n Singapore. Adopted by my Kali family. I had the best time in Singapore and thought what an amazing country this is despite of its small geography. 

As what Venus Raj once said, every moment spent is SO WONDERFUL! And I would actually rate SG as one of my best backpacking events this year. Truly worthwhile experience.

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Realization : That no matter what country you  work in, it's always going to be the same purpose and that is to earn and save money. But it should not be forgotten what is beyond earning and saving. It is our desire to secure a good future. But how one defines a good future is rather relative.

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