Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 Year Ender : May

May 2013

Alas, am back home. And this month surely was the month of festivities.

First there was MC Batch 2003 tenth year reunion. I was able to catch up with some of my high school classmates. That was surely fun. Although ten years have passed, we still looked young and jovial. It is as if we never left our alma matter.

Then there was the wedding of Ate Sandy. It's one of those few occasions that you really wonder who's going to be next in line. I mean, in UP Kalilayan there are still a lot of us who are single. And we have agreed that our generation has changed. We no longer subscribe to the traditional idea that at this certain age, we need to get married.

Our generation has become career obsessed and stability oriented.

And finally the unforgettable Graceland 'In-between' and 'paddling' events. I was not feeling very well this night but I knew I had to be with my Kali family. This was something I cannot miss. So after buying some softdrink and toothbrush, I rode the jeepney en route to Tayabas and got off at Graceland. I arrived at the flat with all busy with their cards.

After changing clothes, I joined them. Game after game after game, I started winning. Until at 3am, when all were too tired, the game was stopped. And I was declared the biggest winner, which everyone swore they are going to exact their revenge next time we play. I just love my Kali family, t'was such a fun filled night.

MC Batch 2003 Reunion

UP Kalilayan at Graceland 2013

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