Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Year Ender : November

November is an exceptional month. Several events have happened this month and this would take me some time to complete this article. Nevertheless, I am making an advance post and will probably re-do this in a little bit.

November 2013: Haiyan Typhoon, Night Fishing & Bandar Khayran

November has become significant for the Philippines and the rest of the world. 

A super typhoon named Haiyan devastated Tacloban and left thousands dead, and still thousands homeless.

I never realized how serious the damage was until after I saw the videos on local and international news reports. After all, the Philippines has been hit by many strong typhoons before. But this one was catastrophic in every single way.

November 2013: Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Albeit the sad news in the Philippines, I chose to continue my earlier plans to come to UAE and visit some of my friends.

It was my only chance to visit them so I decided to not let the negative vibes get in the way.

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