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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Latest In Oman : Learning Bachata Routines & Guides

Here are some bachata moves that we hope to execute in the future. Really fun. Looks complicated and but actually easy when you do it with a partner.

And here's some bachata routines that we've learned so far.

Bachata Routine

1 Basic
1 Turning in place
1 Basic
1 Girl's turn
1 Man's turn
1 Basic
1 Lock turn - walk
1 Basic
1 Move down in place / move up
1 Basic
1 Dip (Dip Variations: 2 Dips, Turning Dip)
1 Turn - Walk Man - Shoulder - Turn - Hairbrush - Dip
1 Basic
1 Man Turn - Hands Chest
1 Basic
1 Lock (Girl Bows) - Man Release Girl - Girl Snake / Haircomb
1 Basic
1 Cross Hands (5,6,7) Girl Haircomb, Man Haircomb - Hands Turn Around (2X) - Dip
1 Basic
1 Girl Turn (Lift Right Foot to Butt) - Man Turn -  Girl Turn (Cross Hands) - Hairbrush - Body Roll - Basic
1 Lady's Double Turn - Hammerlock - Lady's Right Turn - Man's Left Turn
1 Basic
1 Lock Turn - Release - Man's Hammerlock - Lady's Turn - Lady's Turn - Dip
1 Basic
1 Lock Turn - Don't release the hands - Man's Turn - Basic in 4 counts - Dip

Additional Basic Steps:
Basic in place
Basic forward and back
Basic side to side
Basic corner to corner
Basic with kick shuffle
Bachata slide


Slide Combinations
Part 1: Left - Right - Cross Fwd LF - Right - Tap - Tap - Cross Back RF - Jump Left - 
Part 2 : Slide Left - Slide Right - Cross Fwd LF - Right - Grapevine (Jump on the 8th) - Basic

Double Turn - Hammerlock Combination
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl followed by a double turn ending up in hammerlock (4 Counts)
Man lifts R leg (at 4) and step front (5-6-7) man's hairbrush at 8
Basic (4 Counts) - Basic Side Steps (4 Counts)

Ladies Block - Man's Turn
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl twice (8 Counts)
Man turns (5-6-7)

Ladies Block - Remove the Head
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl twice (8 Counts) and release
Basic (8 Counts)
Remove the Head (Ladies flip the hair)
Basic (4 Counts) - Both turns

Additional Bachata Steps:
Bachata Urbana
Bachata Cha Cha Timing
Reggaeton in Bachata
Tango Bachata
Salsa Fuse


Important notes for men when leading:

1. Make sure that arms are nice and relaxed, palms are facing up and you're not gripping the ladies with your thumb.
2. Ladies hands are resting on your hands and when you're doing the basic you keep this lead throughout, until you're ready to move to a different move or go to a different side.
3. Put thumbs into place if there's something that you need to tell the ladies.
4. When you switch hand position (open to close) make sure that you have a little grip on the ladies so that you can use this grip to lead her, either forward or back. 
5. Make sure that when leading ladies, men should use upper body, your torso to push to the left, bring it in, push left, and tap. 
6. Your rib cage is going left and right when leading so this allows the ladies to move in the same direction.

Latest in Oman : Learning Salsa Routines

Note: This entry will be constantly updated as we go along with the salsa class.

Here's some easy salsa steps for all you all salsa enthusiasts.They're really easy to do and fun. Plus, the table of contents allows user to click and watch specific moves in the video.

Salsa Dancing Walk-Though - 36 Movements
by Geno Garcia & Kristin Travis

Table of Contents:
Salsa Basic Two Handed Basic: 00:00
Closed Frame Salsa Basic 03:14
Salsa Rotating Basic 05:07
Salsa Apart Basic 07:02
Basic with Heel Kick 08:04
Curarachas 09:48
Ladies Underarm Turn 11:51
Adding Man's Sidestep 15:00
Turn With Right hand 16:31
Turn with Back Break 18:03
Cross Hand Turn 20:06
Club Style Exit 22:13
Two Arm Wrap 23:56
Cross Body Lead 24:46
Two Handed Hold 28:44
Adding Style 29:42
Haircombs 31:24
Sombrero 33:58
Cradle 36:00
Ladies Double Turn 41:45
Hammer Lock 43:58
Hammer Lock Cont 48:14
Hammer Lock Cont 50:36
Cross Handed Turn 53:23
Haircombs, Loops and Wraps 56:28
Right Turn to Loop 57:46
Man Loop 58:45
Turn and Loop into Lead 59:28
Hammer Lock Cont 1:00:58
Sombrero and Turn 1:03:12
Lead with Inside Turn 1:06:00
Ladies Lead Walkthru 1:07:05
Dip and Cross Body Lead 1:10:00

I would like to incorporate the salsa routine we have have learned so far in our Salsa Beginner Class (taught by Fernando & Mina):

Note: It really looks like a cooking recipe... lols for that. But it's easy and fun to follow.

Salsa Routine

1 Basic (Mambo)
4 Sides (Curacha)
4 Diagonal
1 Basic (Mambo)
1 Susie Cue
1 Basic (Mambo)
1 Cross Body Lead (with haircombs)
1 Basic
1 Overhead Turn - Side to Side (1 Basic - Prepare at 5,6 - Turn at 7)
1 Break - Copa - Walk - Kick - 1 1/2 Turn (Variations- Release / Lock)
1 Break - Copa - Kick - Release
1 Break - Copa - Walk (5-6-7) - Kick (1-2-3) - Block (at 4) - Reverse Turn (5-6-7) - Ending at Hammer Lock (possible exit- double turn)
Right Turn Combinations : 1 Basic (hands R to R) - Hands down (1-2-3) - Hands up (5-6-7) - 1 Basic - Man's right turn
Right Turn Combinations (open embrace): 1 Basic - Hands down (1-2-3) - Hands up (5-6-7) - Catch / Hairbrush
1 Lady's Right Turn with Hand Catch - Man's Hook Turn
1 Basic
1 Cross Body Lead (L-Turn) catch the lady's waist - 2X - Dip

Coming Up: La Rueda 

In 4-week's time, the pre-intermediate and intermediate class to perform the 'La Rueda'
Check out the  the 'La Rueda' entry

Dance | La Rueda

Saturday, January 4, 2014

TRAVEL | Travel Tips 2014 Edition

I'd like to share a very useful and interesting article I read from CNN.com (click link for the original article) entitled- Doh! 20 Biggest Travel Mistakes by Chuck Thompson (Aug 2013). 

This is interesting (and lengthy) because most of the points brought up here are actually true (some can be contentious but still useful). Most of the info here are written by CNN's travel team.

Disclaimer : I do not own this article and simply sharing this to our travel readers.

Friday, January 3, 2014

TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi 2013 Memoirs : The Last Day

Day 4 : December 28, 2013


My final and last day in Abu Dhabi. In a span of four days, so many things have happened- met a few people, taken so many photos, awed by the beauty of Abu Dhabi, had some life realizations. Life's always like this- good things never last. They're not meant to be kept but rather experienced and cherished. After a month, I'll probably forget much about the things that happened here, pretty much like what happened in my other travels. But what is more important is that I have crossed this road, and in the end that's all that matters.

TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi 2013 : The Pickled Night (Last Night in Abu Dhabi)

Day 3 : December 27, 2013

Arch Building
Silicon Oasis, Dubai
7:00 am - My blackberry phone didn't alarm today. Battery is dead. I opened my eyes and surveyed the surrounding. I was still in the host's house. By the sliding door I made a quick glance outside- sunny and cold. 

The other couchsurfer had his blanket all covered on him. I didn't want to wake him up so I gently rose from the squeaking bed. Took my toiletries and went to the toilet. I only had to brush and wash my hair today. No time for shower.

Yeah, that's gonna be my number one enemy when I go on future backpacking- lack of shower. I think I'll never get used to it. 

TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi - Dubai 2013 : Couchsurfing in Dubai

Day 2 : December 26, 2013

10:30 am - Woke up a little late today. We had hangover from last night's drinking frenzy (if I can call it that way.

11:00 am - Sinigang na bangus was still good for breakfast (leftover from Max the day before). Dazzle had to go down and buy some loaf of bread. I was left inside pondering on the day ahead. I am after all scheduled to depart for Dubai.

1:30 pm - Dazzle left the house. I opted to stay and take a short a nap.

4:00 pm - I temporarily bid the house adieu. I'll be back after a day.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi 2013 Memoirs : The Arrival

I'm not quite sure where to start this journal. My trip in Abu Dhabi last December 25th was an amazing experience and I have so many stories to tell. I guess, I'll do it day by day. I stayed in Abu Dhabi for four days so this will be quite a long entry.

Day 1 : December 24, 2013

8:00 pm - I was still packing up my things and messaging my good friend Dazzle in Abu Dhabi about my arrival. I had to prepare some important docs and jot down contact numbers and addresses in case the immigration asks. I have a had a taste of Dubai immigration's "hospitality" so I don't want to repeat the same.

9:30 pm - My colleague (who was already asleep) drove me to the airport. The nice thing about Oman airport is that it's very quick to get through. Once you've checked in, you can be sure that all is going to be fine. They have this electronic gate for GCC residents. You only to swipe your ID card and you can get through. Awesome isn't it. Something the Philippines will never think of doing just because they (officials) are so whatever.

12:00 mn - The pilot was speaking on the plane's intercom and greeting everybody a "ho-ho-ho merry christmas." This is really interesting I told myself. First time to spend Christmas in a plane. There isn't much difference really.

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