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TRAVEL | Abu Dhabi 2013 : The Pickled Night (Last Night in Abu Dhabi)

Day 3 : December 27, 2013

Arch Building
Silicon Oasis, Dubai
7:00 am - My blackberry phone didn't alarm today. Battery is dead. I opened my eyes and surveyed the surrounding. I was still in the host's house. By the sliding door I made a quick glance outside- sunny and cold. 

The other couchsurfer had his blanket all covered on him. I didn't want to wake him up so I gently rose from the squeaking bed. Took my toiletries and went to the toilet. I only had to brush and wash my hair today. No time for shower.

Yeah, that's gonna be my number one enemy when I go on future backpacking- lack of shower. I think I'll never get used to it. 

8:00 am - Before I left the house, I left a note on the table with my contact details just in case. 

8:15 am - I was in the taxi en route to the bus station. It was pretty far and taxi fare doesn't come cheap. I told myself that I wouldn't mind spending much on occasional basis but definitely not everyday. I would have to be more prudent in my spendings and consider all saving devices/methods. Call me a cheapskate but better saving than ending up broke.

9:00 am - On the way back to Abu Dhabi.

11:00 am - Rang on the doorbell and ate opened the door, but she almost didn't let me in have I not pushed myself in.

11:30 am - Munched on some bread and peanut butter. Then we prepared for the day's event. It's reunion time for Mt. Carmel at Kuya Juan's Restaurant (located at Al Ain Palace).

12:30 pm - We were the first ones to get to the Filipino restaurant. Both Dazzle and I were starving. But we had to wait for the others to come. The waiter approached and asked how many we were in which Dazzle curtly replied, 8. 

Lechon, a Filipino delicacy that kills
1:00 pm - People began to come and we finally ate. It was definitely the lechon for me. 

3:30 pm - After several photo ops, we decided to leave. The group decided to go to a bar in the hotel but as I cannot enter due to my camera, I opted to go out and do my photoshoot at the park. I was supposed to meet them at 4:00.

4:00 pm - I came back to the hotel to look for them. I sat in the lobby's sofa hoping they will come out any minute. After 10 minutes and no trace has come, I checked inside only to find out that they left.

4:15 pm - I thought they'll go to some other bar so I decided to continue my photoshoot and just come back later. There's always the 7:00 pm meeting at Taiki in case I don't see them at the hotel.

Photoshoot at the Corniche

4:30 pm - What I like about the sunset is that the lights become very dramatic and emotions are intensified when captured in photos. Needless to say, the sun was already setting at Corniche.

Though I must admit that I still have issues taking photos of other people. After all, taking photos of people is still an issue of privacy and I can understand when someone becomes a little annoyed.

5:00 pm - I am actually looking for shots that would fit Nikon's criteria- what makes the heart skip a beat? I think I tried too much and in the process I got lost because best photos are those captured spontaneously.

It's like astral projection- the more you force it to happen, the more it doesn't. So in the end, I got really subpar photos. Oh well, I just have to try next time. Although I submitted my photos to Nikon but I am not expecting anymore.

6:00 pm - The sun had already set. I had to go back to the hotel. But no Dazzle to be found. So the next best thing is to meet them at Taiki, the Japanese restaurant just beside.  It's still early so I decided to go buy something.

I walked around and found this Indian shop. I intended to buy a sweater because it's very cold but because I have no budget anymore, I just bought some long sleeved shirts. And also purchased the nice scarf for Dazzle and Eljane.

On my way back, I got lost. I was so stupid to forget the way. So I had to go circle the whole avenue just to get back to Taiki (a good one hour walk). My feet are protesting already. But when I got back to Taiki, still nothing.

Killing time- brushing up on latest men's fashion
7:00 pm - I decided to drink some tea at the cafe. Hoping that Dazzle and the rest of the people would come back. I read some newspaper and while reading, I noticed so many Filipinos in the hotel.

I suppose they are seamen. They fit the stereotype. And they are grouped all the time. I rarely see Filipinos alone.

9:00 pm - Time to go home and see of Dazzle is there. I told myself that I will not let my last in Abu Dhabi go to nothing. We had to go crazy party.

And as expected, they were all there. They explained how we all missed each other by minutes at the hotel- that they left, I came, they came back, etc. 

But no time to spare, I budged them to move their ass and go to Le Meridien Tourist Club for some good drinking night. And it was indeed a nice place teeming with people.

After that, we moved to another bar called SAX, but it was n RSVP so we couldn't enter. We had to go to the 4th floor to this place called ILLUSIONS. Now I know why they called that place illusions. Funny!

And so to cap this night, it's enough to say that everybody had a memorable and fantabulous experience.

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