Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just Got Featured in Internations.Org!

I am so honored to be featured in in their "Featured Blog" section, and I would like to thank Valentina (from the Web Research Department) for taking time to share my humble blog about Oman.

As you may read in the their site (click- Allan: Expat in the City), my blog discusses about anything under the sun- social issues, corporate tips, travel, dance, photography, movies, etc. 

So what's Internations.Org?

InterNations is the first international online community for people who live and work abroad. As a network based on trust, we enable our members to interact with other global minds in a similar situation, with comparable interests and needs. InterNation users can keep in touch with friends and business contacts; they can exchange reliable information on expat-specific topics, both on a global and a local level.

With InterNations you can:

  • Meet other global minds
  • Stay in touch with international friends
  • Receive advice from expats
  • Share your thoughts in the World Forum or the Town Talk
  • Help young people from a less privileged background

For more interesting information about Internations.Org, you may visit their website at:

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