Monday, March 10, 2014

PHOTOGRAPHY | Photoshoots In Oman

Today I would like to feature some of the most recent shoots we've done in Oman. I am very thankful to all the models who have shared their time and passion for the challenging shoots.

For all other interested people who have passion for modelling and photography, feel free to contact me.

Theme : Mid Afternoon Shoot
Model: Crisha (Filipina)
Backgrounder: It was high noon in a private resort in Barka when we decided that it was the perfect time to take some snaps. 
For more photos - (Mid Afternoon Shoot)

Theme: L'homme Dans La Rive
Model: Mansoor (Omani-Indian)
Backgrounder: Original location was at a small beach in PDO but had to drive for another 30 minutes just to get to this solitary shore.
For more photos - (L'homme Dans La Rive)

Theme: Blue
Model: Lux (Sri Lankan-Brazilian)
Backgrounder: It was a choice between the red and blue dress, and finally decided to use the blue dress which fit perfectly in a sea shoot.
For more photos - (Blue)

Theme: Waiting
Model: Eljane (Filipina)
Backgrounder: Believe it or not, the shoot was done at the back of Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Interestingly, the parking area proved to be a perfect location for an autumn effect.
For more photos - (Waiting)

Theme: Shadows
Model: Nischal (Nepali-Indian)
Backgrounder: Equipped with a study lamp, we decided to play with lighting and create the shadow effects.
For more photos - (Shadows)

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