Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SPORTS | Bowling... After So Many Years!!!

I didn't know that I can still throw bowling.

I actually like bowling (but not as much as figure skating). My romance with bowling started after watching Paeng Nepumuceno who became a bowling legend (see sample video insert).  I think the most important skill in bowling is proper alignment of the body and the slide of the ball (i repeat- slide, not throw).

Anyway my body now aches because of this bowling, but it's actually fun to play (although not cheap). One rink costs 10 OMR + 2 OMR per player.

If you play bowling on a regular basis, then it must cost you an arm and a leg. But occasional games I think is fine.

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My starting rounds were a mess, and the first throw was actually a 0 / 0 (meaning, no pin down). But when I got the hang of the ball, and the rink then things got better.

I managed to cap the first round on 3rd place (with two strikes), and 1st place on the second round (with two strikes... I wanted to turkey so badly I got so conscious!)

Anyway, I think I might just go do bowling again soon. :)


There are three existing bowlodromes in Muscat:

ONE. Al Masa Bowling Alley. Open Hours: 9:30am-1:00am (Tel: +968 2469 3991) Located in Shattie Al Qurum

TWO. Oman Bowling Centre. Open Hours:Not sure but similar to Al Masa(Tel: +968 2448 0747) Located in Al Khuwair

THREE. Funzone Oman. Open from 9:00am till midnight has bowling alley and also an ice skating rink. (Tel: +968 2466 2951) Located in Qurum

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