Monday, April 14, 2014

Lambada... Re-living Childhood Memories

Last week was very nostalgic.

We did lambada in our latin dance class, and my childhood memories came flashing right before me. Never have I imagined that I would actually dance this 1989 song in 2014. Whoa, that was like 26 years in the making, or waiting rather.

This song was very popular in the early 90s, a time when there were no CDs or mp3. Radio was the only source of music in our small village. My relatives had a cassette tape of the song and they actually played it sometimes. Although, as kids we were not allowed to watch the music video because in the 90s, this was already considered a pornography with women scantily clad and dancing with men so sensually. And it was like that, every afternoon this would hit the airwaves and I would pause and listen to it, secretly dancing to its rhythm. 

Fast forward to 2014- we're now learning lambada and I am just uberly excited the learn the whole choreography of the dance. This will be like fulfilling my childhood fantasy to finally dance the with the song. Feels so great.

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