Monday, May 26, 2014

Salsa Routines - May 2014

Here's some Salsa Routines you can work on (for beginner and intermediate levels).
Some of the FULL SETs have video links which you can click and review. We'll make the complete video for the whole set later on.

Salsa Routines - May 2014

CBL - Cross Body Lead

THE WARM UP (Approx. 2 - 3 minutes)
1 X Basic
4 X Turning Basic
4 X Back Break
4 X Side Break
1 X Basic
2 X Diagonal (ending with lady's spin)
1 X CBL with inside turn
4 X Lady’s / Man’s Turn Combinations
2 X Turning Basic

THE MAIN SET (Approx. 3 minutes)
1 x Basic
Full Set - Half turn with rhumba ending in CBL
Full Set - Half turn with arms on shoulders ending in CBL with inside turn
Sombrero komplikada
Hook turn
R-R arm rotation
R-L arm rotation
Handflick pattern 1
Walk combinations (simple) and (with block)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Photo Featured in German Travel Guide

Another feather in the hat!
My photo of Wadi Tiwi (Oman) while a 4WD drives through a shallow water, was featured in a German Travel Guide. My name was not mentioned in the original brochure (so I just edited... lols). But still that's some jumpstart for a hobby photographer like me. Looking forward to more adventures and sharing to the rest of the world.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dance | Salsa Routine Series

In this series, we will be introducing the salsa moves that we have done in our salsa classes. 

So let's begin.


Basic Salsa (8 Counts)
(Hands - Left over Right) Cross body lead - Open for titanic/butterfly
Girl - Front diagonal
Man - Back diagonal
Turn the girl facing man - exit by hairbrush

[ Video Insert Here ]

Cross Body Lead with Slide

Basic Salsa (8 Counts)
(Hands - Right to Right) Cross body lead
Push girl to the right
Girl turns toward man (hand at the back)
Man does a cross body lead again and turns the girl
Catch the girl's waist and lead to slide (8 Counts)
Turn 1 1/2 and do a hairbrush

[ Video Insert Here ]

Cross Body Lead with Turn and Spin

Basic Salsa (8 Counts)
(Hands - Close Embrace) Cross body lead
Turn the girl and catch the waistline
Twist to man's left and release the girl to spin

[ Video Insert Here ]

Turn Combinations with Cross Body Lead 1

Basic Salsa (8 Counts)
Basic (4 Counts) (Prepare the girl for an outside turn) - Girl turns (4 Counts)
Man right turn with hand locked at the back
Girl slides hand on man's shoulder
Cross body lead

[ Video Insert Here ]

Turn Combinations with Cross Body Lead 2

Basic Salsa (8 Counts)
Basic (4 Counts) (Prepare the girl for an outside turn) - Girl turns (4 Counts)
Man right turn
Girl right turn
Cross body lead

[ Video Insert Here ]

Enchufla Doble with Cross Body Lead

Basic Salsa (8 Counts)
Break (4 Counts) - Enchufla (block) (4 Counts)
Enchufla (8 Counts)
Step back (4 Counts) - Block the lady (4 Counts)
Step back (4 Counts) - Release the lady with double turn (4 Counts)
Cross Body Lead

Basic Salsa (8 Counts)
(Hands Right to Right) Break (4 Counts) - Enchufla (block) (4 Counts)
Enchufla (8 Counts)
Step back (4 Counts) - Block the lady (4 Counts)
Step back (4 Counts) - Release the lady with double turn (4 Counts)
Cross Body Lead

[ Video Insert Here ]

Turns with Cross Body Lead

Turns with Cross Body Lead (Variation 2)

Handflick with Turn Around

Handflick with Hammerlock and Hook Turn

CBL with Lady's Lock Turns to Slide

Catch the Back (Enchufla Doble) Combinations

Man's and Lady's Turn Combinations
with CBL

Drunk Titanic with Hairbrush

Lady's Hammerlock with Dip

Titanic Move with Fall

Rotation - Variations 1 & 2 (Open Embrace)

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sports | Kevin-Prince Boateng of FC SCHALKE 04

Okay so I am blogging this already! 

My German colleague was kind enough to let us borrow his football shirts, and the one that he gave me had an actual autograph on its back. Wow, I was never an avid football fan but to have something as important as this, to let somebody else wear it, was already enough statement.

I know how important it is for people who value certain things. And I am really flattered that someone lent me an important of his collection. I think this was what made the whole idea of dressing up in a FIFA get up EXTRA special. Really thankful to you PHILIP EICHKORN for being such a wonderful guy.


Fußballclub Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e. V., commonly known as FC Schalke 04 (German: [ʔɛf t͡seː ˈʃalkə nʊl fiːɐ̯]), is a German association-football club originally from the Schalke district of Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia. Schalke has long been one of the most popular football teams in Germany, even though major successes have been rare since the club's heyday in the 1930s and early 1940s. Schalke play in the Bundesliga, the top tier of the German football league system (Source: Wikipedia)

Kevin-Prince Boateng
The player named "Prince" is Kevin-Prince Boateng (pronounced [ˈkɛvɪn pʁɪns bo.aˈtɛŋ] ( listen) born 6 March 1987) is a professional football defensive midfielder and box-to-box midfielder who plays for German club Schalke 04 and the Ghana national team. He is a versatile player and has been played in many positions.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dance | La Rueda

Updated as of: Dec. 21, 2014

Our Salsa Class has introduced "La Rueda" a couple of months ago. According to Mr. Wiki- 
"In the 1950s Salsa Rueda or more accurately Rueda de Casino was developed in Havana, Cuba. Pairs of dancers form a circle ("Rueda" in Spanish means "Wheel"), with dance moves called out by one person. Many of the moves involve rapidly swapping partners (Source: Wikipedia)"
It is a fun, entertaining and playful form of social dance, where groups of people get a chance to dance with almost everybody. A leader calls out a dance name (sometimes, according to Fernando, the leader can make hand gestures as well) and the dancers have to follow. The names are pretty similar the world over.

Below is a sample La Rueda routine taken on April 5th.

The Rueda moves we have done so far:

1. Dile que no : say no
2. Dame: give me
3. Dame dos: give me two
4. Adios: good bye
5. Enchufla: plug in

6. Enchufla la festival: plug in the festival
7. Cucarachas: cockroaches
8. Fuma lo: spray it
9. Mata lo: kill it
10. Patin: skating

11. Enchufla doble: plug in double
12.foto: photo
13. Las hermanas policias: police women
14. Sombrero
15. Sombrero komplikada

16. Exhibila (starts from Adios)
17. Initial (starts from Enshufla)
18. Pulpo
19. Pulpo komplikada
20. Coca cola

21. Enshufla el midio
22. Enshufla la rumba
23. Trenta y tres
24. Ariba (reverse)
25. Principe malo (slap the hands)

26. Principe bueno (kiss the hands)
27. Zero
28. Otso
29. Montana
30. Adios hermanas

31. Adios La Familla
32. Dero (La Montana Komplikada)
33. Long breathe
34. Paso Basico
35. Paso Espanya

36. Un querda
37. A la playa
38. Con mi tuwalya
39. Sienta la
40. La Cintura (Waist)

41. Sitenta
42. Princesa mala

Suggested Choreo:

Dile Que No
Enshufla Festival - Dile Que No
Mata Lo - Dile Que No
Initial - Dile Que No
Pulpo - Dile Que No

Special notes:

Ariba - can be called in any transition moves (even at the last minute) which means that the flow will be reversed.

Komplikada - is an extension of an existing move (e.g. sombrero into sombrero-komplikada).

Certain moves belong to certain families such as adios, adios hermanas, adios la familla.


La Rueda April 5.

"Rueda De Casino" in Salsa (dance).

Dance | Bachata - Intermediate Routines


Here are some of the bachata routines we have covered in the class (at least the ones I can remember). Feel free to comment if you have some additions.

Slide Combinations
Part 1: Left - Right - Cross Fwd LF - Right - Tap - Tap - Cross Back RF - Jump Left - 
Part 2 : Slide Left - Slide Right - Cross Fwd LF - Right - Grapevine (Jump on the 8th) - Basic

Double Turn - Hammerlock Combination
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl followed by a double turn ending up in hammerlock (4 Counts)
Man lifts R leg (at 4) and step front (5-6-7) man's hairbrush at 8
Basic (4 Counts) - Basic Side Steps (4 Counts)

Ladies Block - Man's Turn
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl twice (8 Counts)
Man turns (5-6-7)

Ladies Block - Remove the Head
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl twice (8 Counts) and release
Basic (8 Counts)
Remove the Head (Ladies flip the hair)
Basic (4 Counts) - Both turns

Additional Bachata Steps: (Click the links)
Bachata Urbana
Bachata Cha Cha Timing
Reggaeton in Bachata
Tango Bachata
Salsa Fuse

Bachata Intermediate Routine

Friday, May 2, 2014

The MERS Virus

There is an increase alert level on the MERS Virus which ironically is spreading in the Arabian Peninsula. In fact, 100 deaths have been recorded already in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and also caused a number of deaths in Europe. 

In this light, we need to be very cautious of our health. We need to boost our immune system and minimize our contact with public places (if cannot be avoided). It's better to be safe than sorry.

The infosheet below summarizes the current MERS Virus situation.

Source: Facebook Post

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Every Second Counts... When You're Racing for a Spiderman 2 Ticket

My day has been a very long one, truly very long. I couldn't even think where to start.

Well, the thing is... the story started when a colleague asked what I intend to do for the weekend. It just so happens that I heard from the radio that today's Spiderman 2's first day screening. Yipee! I thought why not watch the movie.

The only mistake I did was not booking the ticket early enough- and this started the whole detour. 

Upon checking at the box office for the 9pm showing of Spidey, me and my colleague were like, "What?!" no more tickets. Well that is not really surprising. The next thing we did was to check on the other cinemas (hoping that they have earlier screening). Thus, we decided to check and see City Center Seeb.

Little did we know that there was NO cinema at City Center Seeb! Can't really blame anybody, we were both naive. And it was such a long drive mind you.

I mean for a big mall like City Center Seeb not to have a cinema is simply appalling.

So from Seeb, we drove all the way back to Grand Mall to get the 11:45 pm showing. And guess what- it was already sold out.

Things were not really turning out well for us, and our only hope was the Shatti Al Qurum Cinema. I was already anxious, it has been a long night and for us not to get a chance to do what we planned is downright frustrating.

In the middle of the traffic, I asked my colleague to get off the car and check with the counter if tickets are still available (fingers crossed). I had to find a parking for the meantime.

Luckily, she got the tickets! At least the night didn't go to waste after all.

Spiderman 2

I loved the movie (but you must understand that it's already 4am, and I have to get up early tomorrow morning).

I especially liked the rollercoaster-like treat for the audience. Every spider swing takes

you closer to a spidey experience. The chemistry of Peter Parker and Gwen was also perfect. It was enough to make you feel an almost genuine romantic feeling, mixed with humor.

But it was the end that left me totally emotionally drained. I know it was for the better, but I feel sad because of what happened. Anyway, I really need to go to sleep now.

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