Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dance | Bachata - Intermediate Routines


Here are some of the bachata routines we have covered in the class (at least the ones I can remember). Feel free to comment if you have some additions.

Slide Combinations
Part 1: Left - Right - Cross Fwd LF - Right - Tap - Tap - Cross Back RF - Jump Left - 
Part 2 : Slide Left - Slide Right - Cross Fwd LF - Right - Grapevine (Jump on the 8th) - Basic

Double Turn - Hammerlock Combination
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl followed by a double turn ending up in hammerlock (4 Counts)
Man lifts R leg (at 4) and step front (5-6-7) man's hairbrush at 8
Basic (4 Counts) - Basic Side Steps (4 Counts)

Ladies Block - Man's Turn
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl twice (8 Counts)
Man turns (5-6-7)

Ladies Block - Remove the Head
Basic (8 Counts)
Block the girl twice (8 Counts) and release
Basic (8 Counts)
Remove the Head (Ladies flip the hair)
Basic (4 Counts) - Both turns

Additional Bachata Steps: (Click the links)
Bachata Urbana
Bachata Cha Cha Timing
Reggaeton in Bachata
Tango Bachata
Salsa Fuse

Bachata Intermediate Routine

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