Sunday, June 15, 2014

EVENTS | World Cup 2014 at Radisson BLU (and every other hotel for that matter)

It's difficult not to to jump into the bandwagon and get crazy with the World Cup 2014. 
Doesn't matter if you have no country in the match to represent you. At least you have Shakira and J.Lo to keep you company minus Pitbull. Kidding aside, no matter which country you support, the intensity of the games will surely get into you. And in countries like Oman, you will find screenings of the matches everywhere, just like in the poster below.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NEWS | Cyclonic Storm "Nanauk" Heading to Oman

Oh no, it looks like we're expecting some whiplash this weekend!

The Oman weather forecast center has announced the landfall of a strong cyclone in the sultanate. For people who come from countries where cyclone (hurricane) is common, you need to understand that Oman has a very different story. The Sultanate is rarely visited by storms and even with small rains, the roads get flooded- what more with a storm?! But we all just have to be vigilant and cautious during this time. Keep safe!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

EVENT | Social Night at Trader Vics Every Wednesdays

Rock Bottom has (temporarily) stopped the Salsa nights. 
But that doesn't stop us from dancing.

Social night every Wednesday at Trader Vics. Come one. Come all.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

DANCE | Salsa and Bachata Index

Here is the index for the SALSA and BACHATA open combinations. Most of the terms I used in here are non-standard and for recall purposes only. 

Should you find any discrepancy between the terms and videos, please feel free to point them out. In any case, these open combinations can be executed in no particular order. But some of the patterns tend to belong into similar moves. 

As dancers, you can decide which patterns you can put together and suitable for your choreo. Enjoy!




Pattern 001 : Hand Flick and Walk Around
Pattern 002 : Drunk Butterfly with Hairbrush


Pattern 001 : Cross Body Lead to the Side (from the shoulder)
Pattern 002 : Rhumba with Man's Body Roll
Pattern 003 : Hand Flick with Lady's Hammerlock Ending in Dip
Pattern 004 : Enshufla Doble with Walk ending in Lady's Wall
Pattern 005 : Turn Combinations
Pattern 006 : Lady's Hammerlock Ending in Dip
Pattern 007 : Butterfly with Fall

Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate
Pattern 001 : Rotation (R to R hands)
Pattern 002 : Rotation (R-L hands) with two ending variations



Pattern 001 : Around the World

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Learn to Dance Salsa This Summer... at Latin Dance Muscat

For latin dance lovers out there, well here's your chance to get those feet dancing. 
Latin Dance Muscat (LDM) is inviting everyone to join its newest absolute beginner batch. Details below. See you there.

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