Tuesday, July 29, 2014

SPECIAL | Eid Mubarak

A very special greetings to all our Muslim brothers and sisters who are celebrating the holy Eid Al Fitr. We are one with you in prayers, especially for world peace and harmony. Have a blessed day.


Very nice Eid Mubarak design, fit for the wonderful occasion. Taken from Facebook post.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

EVENTS | From Bowling to Spaghetti

Here's a roundup of the busy-event-filled week...

July 21st, my article entitled, "Dancing Shoes" was featured in JeraldUy.com. The site covers topics on pop culture and lifestyle. Dancing Shoes basically talks about how dancing salsa can be a source of support for the expat communities in foreign lands. We also identify the striking difference between Oman and Saudi Arabia in terms of cultural exchanges.

Read "Dancing Shoes" - click here

Sunday, July 20, 2014

DANCE | Salsa in a Foreign Land

When I moved to Oman in 2013, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to a new form of latin dance- Salsa and Bachata. Unlike other social dances, salsa and bachata are two very popular dances in night clubs, not just in Oman but in most metropolitan cities of the world.

Before Ramadan started in 2013, I visited Trader Vic's in InterContinental Hotel. On the dance floor were people dancing salsa. I honestly thought that it was just a quick cha cha cha. But when I observed that twists and signature salsa techniques, I told myself that I need to learn how to do it one way or another.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SPORTS | Post World Cup 2014 Snaps

Now that the World Cup is over, we can all move on with our lives and forget/cherish (depends on which side of the fence you are in) all the action that transpired this 2014.

But before anything else, just want to share my photo memoirs while the event was happening.

Semi-Final Round

Brazil Vs. Germany! Live at The Tent, we witnessed how Germany thrashed Brazil with a surprising 7-1 goals. This semi final round will go down World Cup history as one of the most depressing matches ever.

Everyone was so tensed during the fight. Brazil looked dominating in the first few minutes, but when Germany scored a goal, that's when disaster started. It looked as if Brazil lost all it's hope of getting into the final match. Tough luck it was!
Goal after goal after goal! It looked like Brazil is giving away all pretensions of winning and didn't really bother to defend anymore. After Germany's 7 goals, that's pretty much it.
(Above) Cover that up please! Francisco was so 
funny hiding my "Brazil" logo after being defeated 
during the games. He (Francisco) doesn't really 
support any team so he doesn't really mind 
the results. He's from Spain by the way.

(Right) German supporter sure about winning.

And Germany went to the Finals! Congratulations Deustchland for the much deserved victory- 7-1 (that's one historical win, not to mention player Miraslov Klose being named as the most number of goals in World Cup history)

Final Round

At 11pm, we all gathered together to watch the game... hoping fervently that Argentina (against all odds) shall win this cup. Of course the other half of the audience is wishing the opposite.

It was a night of shouting and boo-ing and cheering for the teams... and the popcorn made it feel so extra fun! 10 minutes before the extra time lapsed, Gotze (German player) caught the ball and kicked it in.... I was like OH MY GOD!!! (Facepalm big time). And Messi had the whole world on his shoulders, less than 2 minutes with his free kick... and just like the ball, all his dream of winning flew away above that net.

Lovely to have these people around you, especially when you're watching the finals of World Cup. Until next time folks. Let's find a reason to get together again.

Friday, July 11, 2014

EVENTS | Meanwhile in Muscat

You would think that Oman is a very quiet country, but truth be told- this is one busy place for expats, a place where getting bored is not an option.

Here are some of the most recent events in the busy corners of Muscat Oman.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup Match at The Tent
09 July 2014

With a not so great ending for Brazil this 2014, our love and support of the Latin country shall not fade. A staggering 7-1 (historic in all proportions), Germany has made enough statement to go into the finals leaving everyone excited for the finals against Argentina.

Related Pics:
Brazil vs Germany with LDM 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WORLD CUP 2014 | Final Match - Germany vs Argentina

And now we are down to the final stage of the World Cup 2014 (play PitBull and JLo's We Are One in the background).

And though I am not a soccer aficionado myself, I still am uberly excited about this final match because I have sort of predicted and saw this coming (i.e. my wild guess for the top 4 are Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands). 

And whoever wins this game truly deserve the title because both Germany and Argentina have proven to be tough nuts to crack this year. But my heart belongs to the Latinos- Argentina not because Messi is there, but because Argentina can really use some help to boost the morale of the Argentinians who are not in the best economic disposition at the moment.

But I know that Germany will not give away the trophy that easily. So I'm sure this will be really a good fight to watch out for. (More entries on World Cup coming up soon!)

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