Saturday, September 6, 2014

JOURNAL | Post Vacation Blues

There are days when you just don't feel like moving or getting up from bed.

And this has to be one of those days!

I feel so lethargic that even eating lunch seems like a Herculean feat for me. And I know exactly why I feel this way. And the weather is not helping. Not at all.

I have heard about this so-called phenomena of OFWs who just came back from their recent vacations. Talks about how it is difficult to get back in the work momentum, and now I understand how it feels.

This feeling- similar to a separation anxiety state but not quite much, makes one long about the previous events. In a nutshell, it makes you think how it is so much better if the holidays were not over.

Some experts call this state as a "Post Vacation Blues" -days of serenity peace followed by a harrowing re-entry.

But it is not a question of whether one "wants/wishes"... it is a question of "needs", and at this rate, at this phase, one has to accept the bitter reality that holidays are over and you are back to reality.

My only shortcoming was that I prepared everything for the holidays- financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, etc. But I forgot to prepare myself for the aftermath.

I just have to get focused again, find the right diversions and I'll be on track again.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll get over this anxiety soon. 

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