Tuesday, October 7, 2014

EVENT | Singing the Night Away at PDO Public Beach

Last night there was a spontaneous invitation from a friend to go out, where- heaven knows?! And at the end of the story, we end up singing songs at the beach... only thing missing was a bonfire, and I am a boy scout over again.

Reaching the Beach
PDO Public Beach
Coordinates: 23°38'19"N 58°29'29"E

Originally planned to walk around Qurum Park, but I suggested PDO beach instead. I've been to PDO beach for three times and the place is teeming with locals and expats (mostly Pinoys and Indians).

L-R : Nuwan, Epi and Allan
Allan was barefoot because he swam
just before this photo was taken
So from Al Mawaleh to Azaiba to PDO, it was a journey indeed. But any travel starting from my house which is located in what I fondly say "far-end of Muscat" is always a long journey. Sometimes I ask myself why I am stuck here in the first place ( I need to move out soon ) ?

Anyway, upon arrival to PDO... well, because everything was so spontaneous, we have nothing but the carton of pizza with us. There were three sheets of paper on the sand which we used. And along we sang the night away. With "Let It Go" as the main part of the repertoire.


I just noticed that this year, they have taken out the few shelters at this public beach; though there are still areas for barbeque.

There were also some people collecting shells or even catching fish (some of them women are wearing their long colorful abayas in the water) and groups of Omani women (no men at all) sat in a circle and having fun.

When you climb the rocks, you'll find this
secret part of the beach
(well now it's not a secret anymore).
TIP: PDO Public Beach has a hidden side, whose shore is more suitable for swimming. Sand is finer and more private (though you have to be there first). One only has to climb the rocks to get to the other side.

The rocks are pretty sharp so remember to wear proper shoes/slippers. Or if you prefer to swim, you can swim around the boulder of rocks until you get to the other side (it's easy trust me, I did it and lived to tell the tale). But be careful of the sharp rocks in the water too!


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