Sunday, November 30, 2014

JOURNAL | Day 516 In Oman

Day 516  ( 1 year, 4 months, 28 days )

We are about to enter the last month of the year. Only 31 days left before we bid 2014 adieu. These past few days I have been thinking about many random things- past, present, future. Things that have been done, and many more that should have been. At 28 years of age, you start pondering on things that you think should matter. But what really matters?

Several weeks ago, I had a good chat with one of my colleagues about how things aren't going the way I want them to be, and that I feel so stressed about everything. But you know what she said, she told me to think about the other problems I have encountered in the past; have they not been solved in time? 

And that made me realize- we can worry for all we want but nothing will ever be solved. Problems are always there. They never go away. The only question is how you deal with problems. There is a good story about the Eagle. Usually when birds feel that there is a storm coming, they hide in trees. But the Eagle is different. It soars high above the clouds so it doesn't get entangled with the storm.

We should be like the Eagle. Instead of fearing the storm, we need to be above it. Only then we can surpass the challenge.


So worrying is one thing, knowing how to handle the problems is another.

Many a night when I stare at the ceiling, get restless in bed, collect my pen and small writing notebook; only to be blank. Lately, I have considered the aid of alcohol to push my creativity but because I cannot afford to add more fats into my bloated belly, I stopped the practice.

Now I have been as uninspired as to write anything. I love writing. But as a writer, ideas do not come like instant noodles when you want it. When you are uninspired, nothing good comes out. I haven't written anything nice lately.

Or maybe I'm too lazy? But then again, when you are motivated then it doesn't really matter if you're tired or hungry- creativity comes out when they do. And lately, it has not visited me.

I feel like I need a change of scenery. Something that could make me see a different perspective.

Note: I need to keep that habit of noting important observations. Every single day.

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