Monday, November 10, 2014

EVENT | So You Think You Can Dance... Salsa?

Hear ye, hear ye... for all dance fanatics out there (especially the Trader Vic's type), here's a chance to learn salsa.

New absolute beginner Batch! Saturday 22nd November 2014.
More details.

I can personally say that this all worth it. Aside from the fact that you lose some fats, you also get to meet amazing people from all walks of life. And what's more- you get the chance to visit Trader Vic's or any salsa clubs for that matter and be able to dance- sober or not.

No partner? No worries, the class rotates every couple of minutes so you actually get to dance with someone.

Never danced before? No worries, chances are you won't be alone. But as they say, the journey to a thousand miles start from a single, well... mambo. 

So still not convinced, below are few vids to get you up and started. Enjoy!

If still in doubt, just remember-
"You don't have to be great to start. You just have to start to be great!"

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