Saturday, November 29, 2014

TRAVEL | Coastal Roadtrip ( Muscat to Sur )

Although this line  may be the most cliched phrase I've used in my non-existent writing career, I will have to say again... there are those days when one feels to go out of the house and explore.

Oman has now entered the winter season, albeit no snow can be expected the weather is rather inviting for day trips. It is during this season that people explore the country side- not too hot, not too cold. Just the right amount of sun on your skin.

 November 26th, day 420th of my stay in Oman. My Filipino friends, Hazel and Crisha, had organized a road trip to Sur. 

I have been to Sur several times; each time with different group of people. But what makes travelling unique is the experience you get out of the people you travel with. There is always something new to discover, some realizations that goes along with the exploration.


Wadi Dayqah Dam
Wadi Tiwi
Traditional Dhow in Sur
Afternoon in Sur
Dusk in Sur
Bridge en route to Ras Al Hadd/Ras Al Jinz

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