Wednesday, December 30, 2015

EVENT | Maryhill College's One Nite Only - Salsa Performance

So just before we cap the year off, I was invited to perform an exhilarating salsa performance.

What made it significantly unforgettable is that there was no prior rehearsals for the performance. It happened so quickly. I called my salsa partner who luckily is in the Philippines, told her to come to the venue by 7pm and voila, the rest was history.

Monday, December 14, 2015

PHOTOGRAPHY | Tamron Philippines, Photo Kwento Contest : Grand Winner

Tamron Philippines has chosen it's Grand Winner for the Photo Kwento Contest. It's none other than John Romeo Briton for his entry "USTe"

Sunday, December 13, 2015

EVENT | The Havaianas Filipinas Collection

Flip flops nowadays are not just utilities for people. As in other clothing accessories, flip flops have evolved into a fashion statement. Gone were the days when one cannot stroll the city streets wearing but flip flops, scared to be judged by others. But Havaianas, the ever so popular brand, has empowered Filipinos the world over in asserting their fashion statements.

JOURNAL | Musings of the Season

So I have been walking around the metro, that is Lucena City. At SM City Lucena for instance, the spirit of the season is so visible- lights everywhere, Christmas tree upon entrance, carols playing loudly on speakers. Even the shoppers do not seem to get tire visiting shops here and there. You'll find my photos below.

Friday, December 11, 2015

PHOTO | Tamron 4-In-1 Photo Kwento Contest

The finalists for the Tamron 4-in-1 Photo Kwento Contest have been selected by a panel of judges last Dec. 11th, and I was not one of them. Not that I expected though, hahaha.

But in any case, the photos selected this year are brilliant and they convey stories that you will see on the photos. You may click the below for the complete list of the finalists' entries.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

TRAVEL | Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Resort

Been to Tayabas, Quezon lately? 

There's a new resort that promises unforgettable stay in this part of town- Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Resort & Hotel. But isn't that the floating bamboo rafter restaurant with infamous grilled tilapia? Well, as the name suggests; the property is a relaxing resort equipped with pools and rooms to boast of. They have amazing views of rice paddies and banquet halls fit for big events like wedding. They also have cafe which features live band during weekends. You may check out the photos below.

JOURNAL | How To Be Wealthy... Or At Least How To Try To Be One!

Here's a good read! A reminder to us all that financial stability should be one of our top goals.

How do you become wealthy?  Some would say pure luck, others would say inheritance or even intelligence. However, wealth is the result of a person's discipline and above all attitude. Attitude is the biggest difference between wealthy people and the rest of the populace. 

JOURNAL | Some Economic Thoughts

Photo taken from

Well I'm no expert on economic matters, but I do understand that the Peso-Dollar exchange hugely affect my capability to purchase McDonalds or KFC when I'm in a foreign land. So perhaps high school seniors or college freshmen can expound more on economuc concerns that hit the Pinoys most.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

JOURNAL | Pilipino, Isang Depinisyon

Pilipino, Isang Depinisyon
Ni Ponciano BP Pineda

Ano ka? Ano siya? Ano ako?
Sabi nila'y Pilipino.
Ugat natin ay Silangan
Anak dagat ang ninunong hatid dito ng barangay
Galing doon sa malayo sa matandang kalupaan
Dito sila ipinadpad ng magandang kapalaran.

JOURNAL | Lights, Moods and Colors

Why is the sky blue? Why is the setting sun red? Why is deep water blue or green? 

Well, the cause in each is the scattering of light- a diffraction effect. Dust particles and even the molecules of atmospheric gases interrupt the wave fronts of sunlight advancing to the atmosphere. The light that was advancing in a straight line from the sun to the Earth is dispersed. Tiny new wave fronts develop in all directions. In a new word, the light is scattered.

To begin, the white light we see is really made up of many different colors of light. You can see these when light is passed through a prism. The color band formed when light passes through a prism is called a spectrum. The band colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. These are the colors of  the rainbow. These colors are visible light, light that humans can see.

DANCE | Salsa Intermediate Routine

Salsa with Allan Abdula

My stay here in the Philippines has been a very meaningful one. After years of salsa training in the Middle East, I got the chance to meet Filipinos who share the same passion for dancing, especially Salsa. Here I am happy to share with you one of my latest salsa classes in Manila, with my intermediate student.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Journal | While There's No Laptop

I found my journal somewhere in my room and thought I'd share my OFW thoughts back in 2011 when I first stepped in Saudi Arabia.

Still has no laptop as of this writing. Got to do this long hand. Though I've noticed that I don't really have much time for writing and I fear that I can only write/record my thoughts on weekends which is by the way Thursday and Friday here in Riyadh.

JOURNAL | Conversations with Efren

This article was written in 2011, while eating dinner in our accommodation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Me & Efren at the Saudi Office
Efren is a fellow Quezonian. He's from Atimonan and tonight we have discussed a number of social issues in the Philippines. Let me just breakdown the discussed points:

Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Remember The Boy (Original by Joey Albert)

I consider Joey Albert as one of the most talented singers in the Philippines. In fact, I believe that she has the most hauntingly beautiful voice I've heard. Her ballads and jazz cross over generations and time does not seem to fade the relevance of her songs. It was in the 1980s when Joey became very popular after winning a TV show and later on joining the Minstrels. And then at the height of her career, she decided to leave the limelight. Rumors had it that she was sick of cancer and underwent treatment. She was cleared of the illness, but recent reports have it that the cancer has relapsed. 

In honor of Joey Albert, I dedicate this song. I hope one day I can sing a duet with you @JoeyAlbert.

I Remember The Boy
ALLAN SINGS JOEY ALBERTI Remember The Boyby Allan AbdulaVideo by Dazzle FlanciaLocation | SM Lucena
Posted by Allan Yasser Zeta Abdula on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's Up With "Expat In The City"

So, Expat In The City blogger has not been very active recently because the author is working on some related websites to make viewing photos so much easier and more organized.

Whew, at least the cat's out of the bag now.

The long and short of it all, is that there are now two related wordpress sites which you can browse to go over some photos of places the author has visited, as well as photoshoots and events covered in the past few days.

Expat In The City

This wordpress travel blog features some of the most beautiful still photos the author has captured in his travels. It showcases the in-depth look of places and spots which might interest any future traveler. 

Latest posts include:

#Palaisdaan Resort in Tayabas, Quezon
#Popular Delicacies in Lucban
#Alvino's Restaurant in Lucena City
#Calixto Cafe, The Century Old Ancestral House of Zaballero
#Tips and Cups Cafe
#and so much more

Model Shoot Portfolio

This wordpress photo blog organizes the portrait shots of the most beautiful people the author has worked with in the industry. It also has snippets of events and photo tricks done by the photographer.

Latest posts include:
#Jarrett for Male Pageant
#Zandro for Male Pageant
#Nischal, Home Set Up with One Lighting
#Epi M. for Mock Up in Black & White
#Fashion Show with Designers from Lucena City

In the upcoming days, more linking will happen in this site and that makes the blogging experience even more exciting. So hope you are still there to catch the latest developments. Ciao!

Monday, November 2, 2015

ARTICLE | Defining A Leader

Defining A Leader
A timely think piece on who should be a leader come 2016 Philippine presidential election.

Who said being a leader was an easy task? Does it boost self-confidence with the assumption of power and dominance over subordinates? This writer would like to think otherwise. People who regard this kind of leader must have not experienced the genuine nature of becoming one.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

ARTICLE | Analyzing American Management

In 2011, I had the privilege of working with Americans in a company operating in Saudi Arabia. As a Filipino, I have observed the striking differences with the way Americans work and how they manage people. 

Related article: Lessons from Boss

In a nutshell, Americans tend to be very direct and professional, which means there is no room for personal emotions; to them, work is work and everyone is expected to work dutifully and with no excuses. Excellent work deserves recognition, while falling short of obligations meant corresponding consequences. 

JOURNAL | Cheche Lazaro as Inspiration

Che-Che Lazaro

In our everyday search for that one person who may lead us to believe that there is still hope for a brighter future, we often fail. When we finally meet one, no matter how rare the case may be, the spark comes alive again and the embers start to burn. We find ourselves looking up and striving to reach the ideals set by that person who inspired us to hope and dream once more.

Cheche Lazaro, just like the Transformers and Bioman, has been a part of my childhood. I don’t really remember how it all began but whenever I hear Che-Che’s voice, I feel nostalgic. The world around me changes, I’m a child again. It has been twenty years since Che-Che’s Probe conquered the air and it continues to shape minds. People now see that television is not just a tube for cheap dramas showing love as the be and all of everything; not just about trivial news that makes you wonder why snakes on the loose would make it on the headlines or the Ruffa-Ylmas saga that has run like the archetypical tele/Korean/Mexican/Taiwanese/fanta/sine-serye would be given such prominence. 

ARTICLE | Birdwatching in the Philippines

In this advance age of ours, where most of our activities are occupied by technological devices, we sometimes take for granted that there are still things in life that cannot be replaced by artificial human creation. 

To wit, our concept of the world has been limited inside that boob tube and we are so alienated about the idea of how to enjoy this fleeting life. We sit in front of that screen believing that it is enough to see the world move through it. We are led to believe that we need not go experience the real thing because it will be such an effort on our part. But what do we get? Nothing but junk. I do not think that being out in the field would ever be replaced by just watching about it on some DVD or cable program. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

ARTICLE | Camera Café and the Portrayal of Filipinos

Camera Café and the Portrayal of Filipinos

Filipinos have been so used to comedy programs making fun of other people, using dirty and slapstick jokes, and sometimes politically overtoned. We cannot deny that we get entertained from all of these craziness, but at the end of the day remains one question and that is weather our viewing activity has given us much to think about. Or have we been so passive that we do not seek learning from programs that we watch but just sit in front of the boob tube and get some sheer entertainment?

JOURNAL | Life Goals

Life Goals

When I was a kid, there were so many things that I wanted to be. Back then I was so naïve and didn't really know much about the world. The world for me is nothing but the subdivision where I live in, the school where I go to, and the few places I visit around my small city. So, life is really simple. 

JOURNAL | Gut-Feeling, Otherwise Known as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Gut-Feeling, Otherwise Known as Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

You should always go with your gut regardless of what the facts indicate.

The qualifier 'always' in this line is the only thing that I had to contend with. Surely, there are times when we cannot really explain something and you know for a fact that sometimes things don't go the way they are supposed to. Then that's the only time you should rely on your gut feeling (instinct). 

Monday, October 26, 2015

JOURNAL | Memoirs in South Korea: Journey of An Exchange Student

Memoirs in South Korea: 
Journey of An Exchange Student

I can still remember the first time I arrived in Korea. My ears were still aching when I entered Incheon International Airport. It was my first time to ride an airplane for four hours so I really found the journey a bit disorienting. And so I was there in the terminal together with Isabel, the other Filipino exchange student. The weather outside was cloudy and dark for it was still dawn. The first thing that came to my mind upon arrival at the airport was to call our contact person, Hu Eun Ji. My professor in the Philippines gave me some Korean money and that’s what I used to call her. It was around 5:45 when I finally talked to her and asked when she will come. She told us to wait for two hours at gate E and so that’s what we did. 


(Edited and annotated: Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson)

I picked the topic angels from the list for no particular reason or maybe it was because I am inclined to understand how angels would be documented in a century old work. However, I was disappointed when I saw the articles because they are not actually about angels but a narrative of celebrations that included angels as part of the festivities.

ARTICLE | The Day I Was Born

The Day I Was Born
Article written for my acclaimed professor & historian Ambeth Ocampo

The day I was born, well, banner headline of Philippine Daily Inquirer is – Urged US, ASEAN to follow: Malaysian MPs nix FM (1986). According the article, Malaysian opposition parties asked Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad not to recognize Ferdinand Marcos. Most of the stories during my first day in this world are about the continued clamor for Marcos to step down after the February snap election. There’s US lawmakers’ call: Crack down on Marcos and Congress has issued a strong challenge to President Reagan’s wait-and-see policy towards the Philippines. 



Ayon sa, ito ang FILIPINO:
  • Refer to people of Philippine descent, regardless of citizenship ( ibig sabihin, lahat ng taong pinanganak ditto sa Pilipinas ).
  • Gumagamit ng national language, which is Filipino, as designated in the 1987 Constitution
  • Culture of the Philippines reflects the complexity of the history of the Philippines through the blending of Pre-Hispanic indigenous Austronesian ( ang Kulturang Filipino ay pinaghalong kultura ng mga tao dito sa Pilipinas bago pa dumating ang mga Kastila ). 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

REVIEW | Ranking of Salsa Clubs in Manila, Philippines

Finally, I have somehow visited the most popular salsa joints here in Manila (one of my goals before I came back). And now I have the pleasure of ranking them, according to my observation and experience.

In terms of space (floor, tables, chairs, etc.), accessibility, song playlist, the crowd, prices of drinks- the salsa clubs were rated accordingly.

Top Spot: 
Aracama (The Fort)

First Runner Up: 
Alchemy Bistro Bar (Makati)

Second Runner Up: 
Brasas Latin American Street Food (Makati)

Third Runner Up: 
Chihuahua (The Fort)

Fourth Runner Up: 
Cafe Havana (Greenbelt 3)

Fifth Runner Up: 
Sage (Shangri-La Makati)
(Review: Expensive drinks, small dance floor, high end crowd not into dancing)

SALSA | Aracama


Location: Fort Bonifacio Unit C, The Fort Entertainment Center 5th Ave. corner 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

Salsa Schedule: Every Thursdays, 10pm to 2am

Dress Code: No sleeveless for men; Casual to semi formal

Social Media
Twitter: @Aracama_Manila
Instagram: @aracama_manila

Contact numbers
Landline: (02) 519-6815
Dining Reservations: +63917 874 7738
Lounge Reservations: +63917 874 7738
Events & Marketing: +63917 861 2702/


Saturday, October 24, 2015

ARTICLE | Convenience Approach to living as observed from local TV game shows and its audience: How do local game shows influence Filipinos approach to living?

Convenience Approach to living as observed from local TV game shows and its audience: How do local game shows influence Filipinos approach to living?

The Filipino is a race of many practical talents which allow them to live anywhere, even under the most frugal circumstances. They can be compared to a seed that has been blown off to where the wind has blown them off, or a weed that just sprung out of nowhere, and thrives efficiently amidst a strange environment.

Friday, October 23, 2015

REVIEW | The Forest: A Personal Record of the Huk Guerilla Struggle in the Philippines

The Forest: A Personal Record of the Huk Guerilla Struggle in the Philippines
Authored by William Pomeroy (1963)

Filipiniana books at present are largely taken for granted y most of printing press thus resulting to insufficient materials that are vitally important for the awareness of students and common readers. Nevertheless, a lot of history books are scarcely distributed that it tends to created apocraphy in the minds of the people.

For this reason, Cacho Hermanos reprinted Filipiniana books and materials which have long been out of print and were no longer available, through Solar Publishing Corporation. A professor of history, Renato Constantino was then commissioned to select some of the finest historical write ups out of the hundreds deserving to be reissued.

ARTICLE | The Filipino Diaspora and the Rise of Japayukisan

Recruitment Agencies in the Philippines

The Philippines is the second largest labor-exporting country in the world next to Mexico. According to Floro Mercene[1] an average of about 2,500 Filipinos leave the country everyday. About 7.5 million Filipinos, ten percent of the total population, are classified as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) distributed in 182 foreign countries. This number does not include the estimated three million migrant workers who are undocumented and illegally working abroad.

HISTORY | Kasaysayan Ng Dalahican

Kasaysayan Ng Dalahican
Written by Myrna D. De La Vega. Unpublished (Dalahican, Lucena City, 1999)

Ayon sa mapagkakatiwalaang impormasyon, and lugar na ito (Dalahican) ay tumutubong isla sa pagitan ng dagat at Lalao. Ang Lalao ay isang lugar na malalim ang lupa na may mga tubig. Mga buhangin dala ng malalakas na alon mula sa dagat ang natambak din dito na sa katagalan ay naging isla at tinubuan ng iba't ibang klase ng halaman at punong kahoy na siya namang ginawang tirahan ng iba't ibang klase ng ibon at hayop tulad ng baboy damo, usa at iba pa. Hanggang sa may makatuklas sa lugar na ito na akala mo ay isang paraiso, na matatagpuan sa tagong lugar sa madawag na bahagi ng bayan ng Tayabas. Bagamat sagana sa pagkukunan ng pagkain mula sa lamang dagat, bungang kahoy at hayop mula sa kagubatan, mahirap ang pamumuhay rito, gayun din ang pagkukunan ng tubig inumin. Wala pang kalsadang nag-uugnay sa lugar na ito at bayan ng Lucena. Ang tanging sakayan lamang noon ay bangka. Kapag naninirahan dito at nais pumunta sa bayan ng Lucena, sila ay sumasakay sa bangka at namamaybay sa malking ilog ng Dumacaa at ang daungan noon ay barangay Cotta.

ARTICLE | The Socio-Political Condition of Aristophanes' Time

The Socio-Political Condition of Aristophanes' Time

Aristophanes has been held to be a self-conscious, a systematic pacifist, and a social reformer. These views, however, though comedy and satire were anciently regarded as morally salutary, are hard to document in the case of Aristophanes himself, and it is doubtless a mistake to read into his works a consistent and programmatic political allegory. His allegiance lies with the conservative element in Athens; yet comedy was traditionally conservative, the new being easier to  make fun of  the old. There is certainly nothing to indicate that Aristophanes favored the extreme conservatives, for instance, those who brought about the Revolution of 411. His opposition to the Peloponnesian War and his wish for peace need indicate no pacifist principle, but simply the war weariness he must have shared with every person in Athens, except those self-interested leaders whom he tirelessly condemns[1].

Thursday, October 22, 2015

ARTICLE | Family in the New Millennium

Family in the New Millennium
Key Terms: Family, Couples Counseling, Society

Atomic bombs, nuclear weapons, graft and corruption, crimes, famine, thirst, blood… name it the world has it. Nations against nations, state against church, government against the armed forces, military versus the fascists, innocent families in between, and then- the guns rattled, the defeaning sounds filled the air, then silence…

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SPECIAL | Berlitz Language Testing

So I'm about to take my Berlitz French test soon, but I have no idea how the test is conducted. FYI, my french is not very polished so I was trying to find some tips where to focus more. Voila, I found this rough guideline on how the test is done. Of course, this may not be the same but at least you get a glimpse of the process. 

ARTICLE | Communication and Media Education: Key to Bridging Differences

Communication and Media Education: Key to Bridging Differences[1]

Communication is not just about hardware. More important is the involvement of the heart and soul in an attempt to touch other lives. As a young citizen of this country, I can't help but admire how such a short statement could address one of the country's major problems that causes unending conflict between Filipinos.

ARTICLE | Media Values and Society


Media Values and Society[1]

This article was written when I was 17 years old, very young and too idealistic. You'll sense it from this article how naïve I was back then.

The article "Media Values and Society[2]" written by Florangel Braid and Roberto Victoriano presents some reasons why and how media should be a tool in purveying Filipino values as a means to our national survival.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

EVENT | UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2015 - TOP THREE Performances

So I'm paying my dues to the recently concluded UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2015. What with all the buzz and fuss over the results this year; and speaking of results- here's the tabulation sheet:

You really can't blame the people if they doubt the validity of the results; but I must say that NU played safe (as they always do) in terms of the stunts they pulled this year. The only difference is that you are not cringing anymore that somebody might break a bone or two. They looked credible already.

SPA REVIEW | Hope Med Spa (Cubao)

Address: General Romulo Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila | Contact: (02) 421 4932

Operation Schedule
Monday - Saturday: 8:30am - 2:00am
Sunday, Holiday: 2:00pm - 2:00am
Note: Appointment required especially on weekends

FASHION | Fashion Show with Designers of Lucena City

Last September 2015, the events stage of SM Lucena had hosted a mini-fashion show of Lucena City's local designers. The models were candidates of the Metro Elite Bachelors pageant. 

The fashion show kick started with the fantasy inspired underwear collections. The boxer brief in black were embellished with metallic body armor; and as a stark contrast, a mandala inspired designs came with the underwear.

ARTICLE | How to Make Your Home Ready For Departure

How to Make Your Home Ready For Departure
By Mary Sauer

Sometimes, simply getting out the door in the mornings is a difficult job, filled with endless tasks. Through the use of home automation, though, you can cut a few of those tasks from your to-do list, making getting out the door and to work, school, or your next big vacation as convenient as ever. The goal of automating little things throughout your home is to free up more of your time for the important things which demand your attention. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

REVIEW | Alchemy Bistro Bar

Alchemy Bistro Bar

Address: Durban Makati, Metro Manila
Contact: (02) 500 7398

How To Reach

Take the MRT and get off at Buendia station
Walk out of the station and head towards McDonalds; there is a jeepney terminal en route to Washington
Ride the jeepney and get off at Makati Avenue (landmark should be the Petron Station)
Head towards Jupiter street and take the first left
Walk a few meters until you reach the 4th corner; Alchemy has a big sign and impossible to miss

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

REVIEW | Brasas Latin American Street Food


How To Reach

- From MRT Buendia Station, take the jeepney and get off at Mapua
- Walk a few meters until you reach SM Jazz
- Brasas is situated in one of  the restaurants on the ground floor (easy to spot)

SPA REVIEW | Yamachu Spa (Mabini, Manila)

Yama Chu Spa

Location: 1766 A Mabini Street, Manila Philippines
Phone: (02) 354 5094

How To Reach

Take the LRT and get off at Quirino Station.
Walk towards Mabini Street.
At Mabini, turn right and walk a few meters.
There should be a big green sign that says 'Yama Chu' (impossible to miss)

Monday, September 14, 2015

ON SALE | Books

As I am clearing up my stacks of books at home, would be great if you can have a look at some of the titles here which may interest you; or you may know someone who is interested to purchase them.

Prices are negotiable so don't hesitate to let me know.

These books are also posted here:

Visit the Facebook post at:

Complete listing:

ARTICLE | Eating Implements... Spoon, Fork, Knife- Which Tablewares to Use?

During formal occasions and fine dining events, one is usually faced with the biggest question in his life- which utensils to use?

So here you'll get a thing or two on how to use all the wares set up on your table.


Chapter 3. Eating Implements

Related Articles:

Social Graces... You Want to Get Ahead, then Make Sure You Know Proper Social Etiquette 

Table Manners... Why Should It Even Matter?

ARTICLE | Table Manners... Why Should It Even Matter? (Cont. from "Social Graces")

As Filipinos, we were taught important table manners e.g. not speaking when mouth is full, washing hands before eating, not singing or humming, finishing what's in the plate, etc.

However, there are some important customs which are rather taboo in other cultures like eating with bare hands (even if you washed it), more so with using left hand (as the case in the middle east), eating quietly as opposed to eating loudly, etc. 

Of course, depending on the culture you are in, the table manners would vary. But here are some very generic etiquette to follow.


Chapter 2. Table Manners

Related Article: Social Graces... You Want to Get Ahead, then Make Sure You Know Proper Social Etiquette 

ARTICLE | Social Graces... You Want to Get Ahead, then Make Sure You Know Proper Social Etiquette

At this age of social networking, one ought to know the basics of social etiquette- in speaking, action, appearance, etc. One's social impression is very crucial in order to gain the most out of relationships.

Hence, I have encountered some tips which are very useful for highly sociable people. 


Throwing a party? Meeting up for some afternoon tea time? Whatever it is, there are some dining etiquette that needs to applied. Read on.

Chapter 1. Dining Etiquette

Dining out is such a pleasurable experience. Friends eat out to share their fun and a table together. Deals are made over meals by businessmen.

Therefore, there is no reason to ruin the event with bad manners. Always keep in mind the following important points.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

ARTICLE | What and Who Is Marimar? The 90s Generation Won't Definitely Remember

Marimar is one of the several telenovelas of Mexican actress Thalia, re-rebooted by GMA 7 on its primetime (first was Marian Rivera, now it's Megan Young). 

Makes one wonder how many more Marimar is going to pop out in this network.

Thalia, as original Marimar
To be honest, I have not seen the original Marimar simply because it was aired (back then) in RPN 9 where the broadcast quality is very poor (i.e. dull reception). But my older relatives were gaga over it.

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