Saturday, January 31, 2015

EVENT | Learn to Salsa at Latin Dance Muscat

EVENT | Salsa Fiesta At "On The Rocks"

They say that the only way for a beginner salsa dancer to improve his skills is to attend social salsa events, and that's exactly what we've been doing! On Jan. 30th night, On The Rocks ( the club beside Golden Tulip Seeb ) opened its floor to Salsa, Bachata, Kizumba, Zouk dancers and it was was one of the most awesome salsa events I've witnessed so far. What with all the professional salsa dancers on the floor. It was a feast for the eyes and at the same time a golden opportunity to learn and observe those intricate movements. These amazing dancers are just so inspiring and pushes me to work even harder with my footwork and leading skills.

Several Latin Dance Muscat people were present that night and it was non-stop dancing for all us. My feet got sore after a while but I still kept dancing ( just couldn't stop ). Apart from the salsa dances, there were also remarkable show off of African dance and contemporary ( such as Oppa Gangnam Style; Wiggle Wiggle ) line dances.

Photo credits to Cindy Ang

Oh, and did I mention RUEDA! At first I was reluctant to join the circle but I said what the hell, it can't get anything bad at all. The calls that the ( female ) leader used were as follows: Dame, Enchufla, Enchufla La Rumba, Arriba, Enchufla La Festival ( with a clap on the 7 ). It was awesome ( I'm running out of adjectives ). 

NOTE: Jan 30 and 31 - classes have been ongoing for Salsa, Kizumba, and Rueda at On The Rocks.

And so, since I am so inspired to improve my skills with more complex moves ( executable ones that is ), I am now making an analysis of the moves that I can do so far ( much like an inventory of what I am capable of. Well I just hope I get to be a better dancer sometime soon. :)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

TRAVEL | South Korea: Roundtrip from Seoul to South and Back

Day 1 & 2 - Arrival in Korea 

Today's Highlights:
Kimchee Hostel

South Korea has a very efficient immigration system. Although I had to fall in line when I arrived, it didn't take too long before my passport was stamped.

TIP: If you only have a backpack, hand carry it so you don't have to wait for the conveyor belt.

Inside the arrival lobby, one can find easily a connecting train to the metro. Just buy a 5,000 Won worth of card and you are good to go. Note that the last train from the airport leaves by 11pm so make sure your flight arrives beforehand. Otherwise you'll have to use the taxi which is rather expensive.

Friday, January 2, 2015

REVIEW | Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

Related - Legend of the NeverBeast
"But as in all partings, we learn to accept and move on. What is more important is how we spent the short time we've had with the special companies in our lives. Because in the end, it is really not how long we stay with them, but how much we have spent well every single second."

The 6th of the Tinkerbell films realeased, The Legend of the Neverbeast tells of the story of fairy Fawn who gets entangled with a beast that awakens every thousand of years. So basically the story revolves around that plot.

It's nothing cerebral per se ( and to be honest, when I watched the film in the movie theater, we were surrounded by kids, so there's really no need to think 
much ). The story line is I can say unpredictable ( I won't spill it out for you, because you definitely need to see this yourself ). It is a really heartwarming story about how we easily judge certain things based on hearsay and most often than not, by appearance.

It was the ending that made me cry a bucket, where Fawn had to say goodbye because the beast has to rest... and it struck me to think how painful it is for us to say goodbye to family or friends who we may not see forever. That thought just kills me.

But as in all partings, we learn to accept and move on. What is more important is how we spend the short time we had with special companies in our lives. Because in the end, it is really not how long we stay with them, but how much we have spent well every single second.

See below for the trailer-


I especially adore the soundtrack in this animation, the songs by KT Tunstall ( which also sang a track from The Devil Wears Prada "Suddenly I See" ). The opening "Float" was just the perfect tempo for a lively introduction, whereas the last song "Strange Sight" will surely melt your heart and get your tear ducts flowing.


Sung by KT Tunstall 

"Strange Sight"
Sung by KT Tunstall
This track was played when the fairies were saying goodbye to the beast known as "Gruff"

Other tracks which I liked in the film are "Saying Goodnight" and "1000 Years" ( sung by KT Tunstall and Bleu ).

To download the soundtrack of the film, you may click the link below-

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast

TIP: The film is better viewed on 3D.

For sure you have seen other Tinker Bell movies, or any animation for that matter. Tell us what you think about these films and how it has affected you? 

MISC | Welcome 2015... Welcome Better Days

Okay, so we welcome 2015 albeit my entry is a day delayed ( I hope this doesn't translate into a year of late-ness ). This year looks promising although I am not exactly sure why... it's just a hunch that grows in me.

For sure, 2015 will usher some new roads to walk. And that makes it more exciting. It's also going to be my 29th... woohoo, a year shy from turning into 30. And that makes me think about the future- a stable future. Whatever that means.

2014 has been a little sluggish for me. It's like me waiting in a bus stop, waiting for the bus to come. And the waiting has finally ended. I think that in the course of the months that passed by, I have become more mature and more forgiving. I have learned to accept that we cannot change much of what fate has given to us, but we can always walk around it. As they say, the path is not straight. And why can't we take the road less traveled?

Ah, there are just so many potentials waiting to be uncovered. We only need to grab them. So I say, cheers to a more positive and adventurous year ahead.

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