Thursday, April 23, 2015

EVENT | Summer Salsa Party 2015

Summer Salsa Party 2015

Beat the heat this Summer. Join LDM and celebrate a night of salsa dance and music with no less than the gorgeous people of Latin Dance Muscat. Plus, meet and greet new friends. It's gonna be the event this summer you wouldn't want to miss.

Special Rates for first 25 Rooms: 40 OMR per room (double/single room), includes breakfast- and you get to enjoy the cozy room of Millenium Resorts Mussanah, all to your own.

Normal Rates: 45 OMR (double/single room), includes breakfast

Terms and conditions apply.

Contact us:
Mobile: +968 96997958

Saturday, April 11, 2015

ARTICLE | Faces and Stereotypes: I Deal With It

By Nischal Gurung

"One of the perks of being me is having an Indian talking in an Indian language near me completely unaware that I understand it and then he ends up saying something he shouldn't say near me and then goes the awkward moment when I reply back in Hindi." 

I am a 23 year old Indian man working in the Middle East. Now when I said '23 year old Indian man', I am sure you have had a vague image of how I look like in your mind but before you go any further with your imagination, let me stop you. 

Most people around the world, and sometimes even people in India do not know that, Indian people do not have the generally stereotyped look and I kind of look like a Korean or a Chinese, but well I am Indian, and so does more than 8 millions Indians looks like me and yes there are 100% Indians and not related to anyone from China or any other Asian countries.

That's the story of my life. Because of my look, I have always been misunderstood, misinterpreted and looked upon weirdly, which makes my life strangely interesting. I work as a host in a restaurant and my job makes me deal with talking with lots of people, who come from different countries and background and this question always pops up to me everyday, 'So where are you from?'. Whenever I meet new people, get introduced to new friends in a party or I talk to client at work, they ask me, where am I from and then this frequently asked question, always end up with a long long explained answer. I generally prefer giving just a one work answer, 'India', and then goes a 10 second pause, a long stare at my face and then comes, 'No, you're not Indian', or sometimes I get a variety of weird answers. 

I get a lot of Asian people coming to me and talking to me in their native language and must say I actually have learnt to say 'No' in various Asian languages. With an outrageously large Filipino population here in the Middle East, I am often confused as a Filipino.

Well, I sometimes end up giving long explanation for how I am not Chinese or speak any other Asian languages, other than Indian and am purely Indian, and how my ancestors and forefathers have always lived in India and yes there are more than 8 millions of us looking the same as me in India. Sometimes its just not convincing enough for people to prove what I am and I find it kind of funny too, explaining all this.

Most of the time I finish explaining and they are pretty convinced I am from India, there follows up a number of brief questions. These questions are no less weird, which could be someone asking me, 'So you also like spicy curries?', or 'So you can speak English as well?'. Well, maybe they didn't realize I was speaking in English all the while. It is rather very challenging a task to explaining people for how I don't practice Kung-fu and I can speak Hindi fluently.

One of the perks of being me is having an Indian talking in an Indian language near me completely unaware that I understand it and then he ends up saying something he shouldn't say near me and then goes the awkward moment when I reply back in Hindi. 

Yes, the daily ritual of how I can speak Hindi and which country I belong to do follow up. That's my life, which gets weird everyday with extra strange and awkward situations, in a world full of stereotyped minds, being different (forgetting there are 8 millions of us) can be a challenge, which is fun and tiring at the same time.


Nischal writes with the pen name Blaber Blogger for his blog on posts based on travel, lifestyle, food, internet and society. Visit his site at

Friday, April 10, 2015

EVENT | Summer Salsa Party 2015

In 2014, LDM had a fabulous party at Jabal Sifah in Oman. This year, we bring you another memorable gathering of the salsa aficionados in town. 

Summer Salsa Party 2015 will highlight salsa dance and music at the comfort of Al Sawadi Beach Resort, nestled along the stretch of a beachfront overlooking the Al Sawadi Islands. This is some event you surely wouldn't want to miss. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

EVENT | Overnight Outside Muscat 2015

Overnight Outside Muscat (O2M)!
Don't let summer get the best of you. Jump in, and join the fun.

Trivia: Did you know that LDM started in 2010, when a small group of people started dancing Salsa and La Rueda? Now you know.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

EVENT | Rueda De Casino International Multi Flashmob 2015

Wrapping up the last week of March 2015, we are happy to share with you the final video of the recently concluded "Rueda De Casino International Multi Flashmob 2015" ( as embedded below ).

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