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FITNESS & STYLE | Stay Fit and Healthy, the Zumba Way

We interviewed Fernando recently and here are some of the things he shared with us on his new found love- Zumba.

Tell us about yourself and how did you start with Zumba? ( previous dancing experience? how you knew of Zumba? Experience in other places? Stages of teaching Zumba? )

I have been passionate about dancing ever since I remember even as a little kid, however dance took over my life in the year of 2008 in the most unexpected way. I was attending Salsa classes in Muscat as a bored expat until the Salsa instructor had to stop the lessons due to an unfortunate injury. So, my friends gathered around me and requested to practice, so we did! And soon the friend circle grew bigger, that we had to rent a studio. At this point I felt I was not competent enough to teach dancing as I never had any sort of formal dance education previously.

During this time, I felt great connection, passion and desire to pursue dance education. So, I took various dance courses in many places such as Italy, Australia, UAE and etc…  And today I am founder of Latin Dance Muscat, the social group of passionate Latin dance enthusiasts... ( I currently choreograph, perform and teach Latin dance locally and internationally. 

I was introduced to Zumba unexpectedly. I was travelling to see a friend in Dubai, I just came to know that there was a Zumba Instructor training, so I thought, “why not try!” and once attended the training, I was inspired and immediately fell in love with it.

Love for dance is a huge part of my life… And now I am on a new journey. I am very excited to share my passion for dancing with everyone.

What are the benefits/advantages of Zumba compared to other forms of fitness activities?What is Zumba?

Zumba Fitness is the Latin-dance inspired workout, quickly grew out to be the number one most popular group exercise classes on the planet. In fact, it is reportedly performed by more than 12 million people at 110,000 cities, in 125 countries around the world and growing.

What are the advantages/benefits of Zumba Fitness?

It improves cardiovascular health and regulates the blood pressure.
Helps you to lose weight gradually.
It helps you to strengthen your body and increase physical stamina while improving flexibility.
Works as a stress reliever and improves mood.
Helps you to build and improve positive self-Image.
It helps improving coordination physically and mentally.
It’s a total body workout that helps to tone the muscles.
It boosts your immunity system.
And many more health benefits.

It is different from other programs, because you do not need a previous physical fitness background to start Zumba, It’s not monotonous or boring compared to many other fitness programs, it’s upbeat, fun and easy. It also provides a platform to socialize with others in a  non-intimidating learning environment. The reason it is popular is because it is fun and fitness together for both mind and body.

Who can join/participate in Zumba?

General Zumba fitness classes are carefully designed to suit anyone above the age of 14 years. It is suitable for even people with disabilities, injuries and old people as far as having the approval from a physician and they have an understanding of their limits and intensity levels.
Zumba fitness also provide specialized courses such as Zumba for Kids, Zumba Gold for old people, Zumba Aqua and many more.

Details of the classes? How people can reach you?

Currently I conduct Zumba classes in Al Khuwair, four times a week. Classes are not open to public but all friends are welcome, you can reach me by calling or via whatsapp on +96896148863 or visit my zumbe website:

Any parting words? Important things our readers you would like to know about Zumba?

Well, I would like to warn the readers, once you start Zumba, there is no way out, Zumbe is addictive!

Zumba Quote: Zumba Fitness Party – Ditch the workout, join the party.

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