Tuesday, June 23, 2015

LANGUAGE | French Translators Online Tool

For some reason, I have been too enamoured with the French language, although I am not really as fluent in the language. To me, the challenge of carrying a decent conversation is one thing that I couldn't turn my back on.

And today I found a website that really helps me in translating French. Okay, there's Google Translate but Google is so inaccurate due to the fact that French is a very contextual language. Most of the time, French words are not what they are.

IM Translator Comparison Tool

Site: http://imtranslator.net/compare/english/to-french/translation/


Site: http://dictionary.reverso.net/english-french

Both sites are free and can translate tricky French expressions. Best part of it is that they provide sample sentences that uses the words or phrase. Pretty neat and easy to use.

Do you have other online translators that you know of?
Share it here and post your comments below. 


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