Tuesday, September 29, 2015

REVIEW | Brasas Latin American Street Food


How To Reach

- From MRT Buendia Station, take the jeepney and get off at Mapua
- Walk a few meters until you reach SM Jazz
- Brasas is situated in one of  the restaurants on the ground floor (easy to spot)

SPA REVIEW | Yamachu Spa (Mabini, Manila)

Yama Chu Spa

Location: 1766 A Mabini Street, Manila Philippines
Phone: (02) 354 5094

How To Reach

Take the LRT and get off at Quirino Station.
Walk towards Mabini Street.
At Mabini, turn right and walk a few meters.
There should be a big green sign that says 'Yama Chu' (impossible to miss)

Monday, September 14, 2015

ON SALE | Books

As I am clearing up my stacks of books at home, would be great if you can have a look at some of the titles here which may interest you; or you may know someone who is interested to purchase them.

Prices are negotiable so don't hesitate to let me know.

These books are also posted here:

Visit the Facebook post at:

Complete listing:

ARTICLE | Eating Implements... Spoon, Fork, Knife- Which Tablewares to Use?

During formal occasions and fine dining events, one is usually faced with the biggest question in his life- which utensils to use?

So here you'll get a thing or two on how to use all the wares set up on your table.


Chapter 3. Eating Implements

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Social Graces... You Want to Get Ahead, then Make Sure You Know Proper Social Etiquette 

Table Manners... Why Should It Even Matter?

ARTICLE | Table Manners... Why Should It Even Matter? (Cont. from "Social Graces")

As Filipinos, we were taught important table manners e.g. not speaking when mouth is full, washing hands before eating, not singing or humming, finishing what's in the plate, etc.

However, there are some important customs which are rather taboo in other cultures like eating with bare hands (even if you washed it), more so with using left hand (as the case in the middle east), eating quietly as opposed to eating loudly, etc. 

Of course, depending on the culture you are in, the table manners would vary. But here are some very generic etiquette to follow.


Chapter 2. Table Manners

Related Article: Social Graces... You Want to Get Ahead, then Make Sure You Know Proper Social Etiquette 

ARTICLE | Social Graces... You Want to Get Ahead, then Make Sure You Know Proper Social Etiquette

At this age of social networking, one ought to know the basics of social etiquette- in speaking, action, appearance, etc. One's social impression is very crucial in order to gain the most out of relationships.

Hence, I have encountered some tips which are very useful for highly sociable people. 


Throwing a party? Meeting up for some afternoon tea time? Whatever it is, there are some dining etiquette that needs to applied. Read on.

Chapter 1. Dining Etiquette

Dining out is such a pleasurable experience. Friends eat out to share their fun and a table together. Deals are made over meals by businessmen.

Therefore, there is no reason to ruin the event with bad manners. Always keep in mind the following important points.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

ARTICLE | What and Who Is Marimar? The 90s Generation Won't Definitely Remember

Marimar is one of the several telenovelas of Mexican actress Thalia, re-rebooted by GMA 7 on its primetime (first was Marian Rivera, now it's Megan Young). 

Makes one wonder how many more Marimar is going to pop out in this network.

Thalia, as original Marimar
To be honest, I have not seen the original Marimar simply because it was aired (back then) in RPN 9 where the broadcast quality is very poor (i.e. dull reception). But my older relatives were gaga over it.

ARTICLE | Why Is Philippine Comedy Funny?

Being stuck at home, one normally finds himself in front of the boob tube. There are only two things that appeal to me on the program menu- NEWS or FILMS. 

Lola Ni Dora
I've never been fond of non sense entertainment shows, so Showtime or Eat Bulaga do not really interest me, with the exception of the iconic Lola Ni Dora in the AlDub kalyeserve. Other than that, I rather turn on the radio.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

ARTICLE | Current Affairs... More Like Depressing Affairs

Expat In The City is almost near to its 200,000 views and this is only the beginning of many more articles to come. True, we are almost at the end of 2015 but there are still many things to look forward to in the coming days.

So what's the latest?

Well, I'm currently residing in my home country- the Philippines, where in the last few weeks I have:

a. Ranted on and on about the worsening traffic situation in most key cities. It is so horrible that it is faster to arrive in a neighboring country, say Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.; than to get to your destination in Manila. And boy, don't even get me started on the rudeness of taxi drivers here.

b. Gave up on any pretense of hope for the Philippine government when the Bureau of Customs decided to open the balikbayan boxes of OFWs. These politicians do not run out of idiotic policies.

c. Wondered how it's possible for a group like Iglesia ni Cristo to block a major traffic road simply because they were not happy about how the justice system is carried out in the land. I mean come on... seriously!

d. Correlated to point c, was truly frustrated at how politicians (with the exception of VP Binay as he cannot get lower at this point... he's already at the pit of hell) kissed the ass of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

e. Saddened by the news that Duterte is no longer running for president. Now I have no reason to register.

f. Azkals getting ravaged by a 5-1 loss to Uzbekistan for the World Cup Qualifying Match; Gilas Pilipinas on the other hand managed a 2nd place in the Jones Cup.

g. Affected by the ongoing civil war in Syria and the worsening crisis; but at the same time, concerned about the impact of refugee immigration to Europe which leads to some questions posed by a British confidante on our recent discussion:

(1) They (refugees) claim to have come from ISIS controlled areas of Syria.

(2) ISIS have already proved countless times, how good they are at manipulating media to their advantage.

(3) Spare a thought for Countries like Greece and Italy and Hungry, who have to find a lot of money to process those alleged refugees.

(4) It is only a few months ago since ISIS promised to carry out substantial attacks across Europe, then all of a  sudden these alleged refugees appear on Europe's borders. This smacks of a part of a plan - not a European plan.

(5) These alleged refugees have just put intollerable pressure onto Europe. They have also been seen to que jump the vetting process, causing legitimate migrants, many of whom have waited years to have their cases considered, to feel very angry - and rightly so.

(6) Density of population across European Union Countries is currently 115 people per sq.km.

(7) Density of population in USA is currently 35 per sq. km.

(8) People under the age of 30 in European Union Countries are mostly still living with their parents cos there is a huge shortage of available housing. Even 100,000 migrants now causes massive problems and additional pressure on what little available housing exists. That is unfair on Europeans.

(9) Why do Countries such as USA, Australia, Canada, UAE, KSA refuse to offer to take in theae refugees? They are prosperous and have lots of space and available housing.

(10) UAE and Saudi - fellow muslims, don't want to help. What does that say about Islamic Countries and their failure to help fellow muslims?

On a brighter note, 

g. UP Basketball Team has managed a 2-0 score in the current UAAP. They recently won over DLSU... hindi na ito tsamba lang.

h. Queen Elizabeth II of England has surpassed Queen Victoria as the longest ruling monarch. Long live the queen.

DANCE | Latin Dance/Salsa & Social Dancing in Manila



SAMBASALSA @ SAGE BAR, Shangrila Hotel, Makati


ALCHEMY AFRO-LATINO BAR @ Polaris cor.Durban Sts, BelAir, Makati


SALSA @ Aracama, The Fort Bonifacio, 10pm-2am
SALSA @ CHIHUAHUA Mexican Grill, Fort Bonifacio. 9pm-2am

Sunday, September 6, 2015

DANCE | Salsa in Manila

On a lighter note, was able to visit two of the most popular salsa destinations in Manila- the Cafe Havana (in Greenbelt 3) and Chihuahua Mexican Grill (at The Fort).

I have yet written my reviews of the places, but so far I would say that Chihuahua has a better and proper atmosphere for salsa dancing.

The crowd in Chihuahua is more of the dancing crowd compared to Cafe Havana. Whereas in Cafe Havana, although the few people in the dance floor can dance; it's only a matter of finding the skilled ones.

Anyhow, there are a few other locations which I would like to visit in order to gage the level of salsa involvement here in Manila.

And here's a short teaser of a samba performance (by Davina Kiyoma of the Escola Samba de Manila).


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