Monday, September 14, 2015

ARTICLE | Eating Implements... Spoon, Fork, Knife- Which Tablewares to Use?

During formal occasions and fine dining events, one is usually faced with the biggest question in his life- which utensils to use?

So here you'll get a thing or two on how to use all the wares set up on your table.


Chapter 3. Eating Implements

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1. Glasses on the right

2. Knives and spoon on the right. Knives are placed with the blade facing the plate

3. Forks on the left

4. Desert fork and spoon above dinner plate. The dessert fork on top of the plate has its handle pointing left because the fork is held with the left hand. The dessert spoon, also on top of the plate, has its handle pointing right because the spoon is held with right hand.

5. Do not be intimated by all the display of china, silver, and crystal. Keep in mind that your host or the caterer has arranged the tableware according to the food that will be served.

KEY: Use  the outermost utensils first, going in toward the plate.

Fork and Spoon

The fork is held in the left hand to hold a piece of vegetable or meat with the spoon on the right

Fork Only

By transferring the fork to the right hand, it may be used as a spoon with the prongs facing upwards while the upper part of the handle is held between the index and the middle fingers. The thumb is used to hold the fork steady.

Knife and Fork

When a fork is used with a knife, it i s held in the left hand and the prongs face downwards. The handle of the knife is held with the end covered by the the palm and the index finger resting on the length. The handle is supported by the thumb on one side and the remaining fingers on the other side.

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