Tuesday, September 29, 2015

REVIEW | Brasas Latin American Street Food


How To Reach

- From MRT Buendia Station, take the jeepney and get off at Mapua
- Walk a few meters until you reach SM Jazz
- Brasas is situated in one of  the restaurants on the ground floor (easy to spot)

The Timing

- Salsa night is every Friday, from 10pm onwards
- DJ plays from his laptop a mix of salsa, bachata and kizomba

The Crowd

- The salseros are mostly Filipino locals in their 30s above; with a few younger ones
- Most dancers are moving in the On1 style, a few ladies are in the On2

The Dance Floor

- The cemented dance floor is ideal for 5 couples; anything more than 5 couples and the dance floor becomes too cramped.

The Cocktails

- The bar offers a variety of cocktails and beer
- You may check the menu for the rates which are quite reasonable

The Prices

- Alcoholic beverages range from 150 PhP and above
- Non alcoholic beverage is below 100 PhP
- Tap water is free!

Assessment & Recommendations

- Brasas needs to have another day for salsa social dancing which would attract younger crowds

- The DJ also needs to play other genre of music such as merengue, reggaeton and popular songs

- More marketing & promotion should be done

- Have a happy hour to entice more people to come earlier

- Start the salsa night earlier e.g. 9pm

- Brasas need to have a person to greet the salseros and make sure that everybody is served (a personal approach makes the service warmer)

- If budget would allow, Brasas needs to refurbish the following:
Change the floor into wood
Change the lighting into incandescent (yellow) lighting since the area is too dark (the dancers want to see each other); incandescent lighting also motivates the people to order more drinks
Invite a latin band to play latin music (live band attracts more attention)

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