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SPA REVIEW | Yamachu Spa (Mabini, Manila)

Yama Chu Spa

Location: 1766 A Mabini Street, Manila Philippines
Phone: (02) 354 5094

How To Reach

Take the LRT and get off at Quirino Station.
Walk towards Mabini Street.
At Mabini, turn right and walk a few meters.
There should be a big green sign that says 'Yama Chu' (impossible to miss)

Getting Started

At the reception, ask for the spa menu that contains the rates
Once you have chosen, pay at the same reception
Vouchers are available from discount websites such as metrodeal
VIP room has an extra 50 PhP if you want more privacy
Remember: The rates are good for 5 hours only, any excess time will be chargeable
You will be given locker keys which you are supposed to wear on your wrist to avoid losing them
For male clients, walk upstairs to get to the locker room
Collect your towel and strip off your clothes, and use the slippers under your locker
Head to the wet area
Leave your shoes at the entrance

Taking Shower

It is imperative to take a shower before using any of the wet area facilities
Shower cubicles are available
It is not important whether you close or not the shower door; you are supposed to be naked so no need to be too fussy
Take short showers; some people might need to use the cubicles, be considerate
Once done, you can walk out with or without your towels
Remember: Nobody cares if you are naked or whether you are covering your genitals; This is a spa

The Jacuzzi

There are three pools: (1) Cold pool; (2) Hot pool; (3) Hotter pool
Never ever dip into any of the pool with your towel; it is considered very unhygienic
Never ever dip into the pool without taking shower
Refrain from chit chatting too loudly when in the pool; you might distract the others
Soak in the cold pool for a few minutes, and then transfer to the hotter pool; this way you can stay longer in the hotter pool

The Dry Sauna

The dry sauna has a high temperature
Be sure to stay inside within your given limits (do not overdo the sauna, you might feel dizzy or nauseated)
Refrain from chit chatting inside the sauna
Once done with the sauna, cool down outside and drink water
Take a quick shower

The Steam

Yama Chu has a spray steam, meaning the steam comes out from the steam machine
Stay inside the steam room as much as you can, but be considerate of the other clients

Remember: Since you only have 5 hours, make sure to stay in the wet area for only one hour so you can maximize the other services.

The Massage

Yama Chu Spa only has 1 male therapist, and the rest are female (why, I also don't understand but it must be due to the fact that majority of their clients are Japanese and Koreans).

Inform the attendant that you want to start the massage
Change into your robes (better choose the shorts and robes that fit you well; from the same place where you get your towels)
You will be ushered to the massage room
Once inside the room, remove the robe and keys; leave your shorts on
Place your garments in the basket below the bed
Lie on your stomach and wait for the masseur/masseuse
Refrain from chatting with the masseur/masseuse if you are in the common room
The massage will take about an hour
After the massage, put on your clothes and sign the tip (write the amount which you will pay later)
Remember: Therapists do not earn much as you do, so be generous with your tip. It will help them a lot.
Head on to the dining area for the meal

The Food

Choose from the menu
I highly recommend  the chicken teriyaki
Tea is free, so you can order tea as much as you can

The Lounge

The smoking lounge has a bigger capacity with 12 lazy boy chairs and a huge flat screen
The attendant will serve you their signature tea which according to them is good for the skin
Stay for half an hour in the lounge and head back to wet area to do some last sauna and jacuzzi

The Exit

Once done with the wet area, go out and find the dressing room
Brush your teeth (the toothbrush already has toothpaste), dry your hair, clean your ears, etc.
Change back to your original clothes
Walk towards the same reception where you entered
Give the amount of tip you signed in the paper
Walk out of the building feeling happy and rejuvenated


Recommended Programme:
1 Hour Wet Area
1 Hour Massage
1 Hour Dinner
1 Hour Lounge
1 Hour Wet Area

Recommended Food: Chicken Teriyaki + Green Tea

Recommended Tip: 10% of the massage price

Recommended Time to Visit: 4pm onwards


Overall Spa Rating
3-star spa

8 / 10
Pressure & Stroke
8 / 10
8 / 10

7 / 10
8 / 10
9 / 10
7 / 10
7 / 10
7 / 10
Overall Interior
8 / 10

Wet Area Attendants
8 / 10
Dining Attendants
6 / 10
Lounge Attendants
8 / 10
9 / 10

5-star : Luxury standard / Massage & facilities are excellent
4-star :  Semi-luxury / Massage OR facilities are acceptable
3-star : Standard / Massage OR facilities are acceptable but can use some improvements
2-star : Below Average
star : Poor

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