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ARTICLE | How to Make Your Home Ready For Departure

How to Make Your Home Ready For Departure
By Mary Sauer

Sometimes, simply getting out the door in the mornings is a difficult job, filled with endless tasks. Through the use of home automation, though, you can cut a few of those tasks from your to-do list, making getting out the door and to work, school, or your next big vacation as convenient as ever. The goal of automating little things throughout your home is to free up more of your time for the important things which demand your attention. 

Automation goes beyond programming your coffeepot to start five minutes before your alarm sounds each morning. Technology allows us to connect our smartphones to our homes and manage the safety of our family and the efficiency of our utilities from any distance. Ready to start adding convenience to your routine? Keep reading to learn how to make your home ready for departure through home automation.

Via Modernize

Connect Your Smartphone to a Smart Thermostat 
If energy efficiency and lower utility bills are a high priority in your home, consider installing a smart thermostat like the Honeywell Wi-fi Smart Thermostat. Through an app installed on your smartphone, you can program your thermostat to adjust automatically during certain times of the day or manually adjust the temperature if you forgot before heading off to vacation.

Your Home
Security System
When you connect your home security system to your smartphone, peace of mind is only moments away. Whether you are across the country or down the road getting your oil changed, you can check in on your home security system anytime. And it something goes wrong, you will be notified via your phone immediately, while your security company alerts the police.

a Smart Garage Door Opener 
How many times have you driven away and forgotten to close the garage door? Or maybe you didn’t actually forget, but you can’t rest easy while away without double-checking to be sure. With a wi-fi enabled garage door opener, you can control your garage door from an app on your smartphone. 

Via Modernize

Automate Your Lighting
While you are away on vacation, the team at Modernize suggests keeping a few lights on to provide the illusion that someone is home. Doing so can prevent intrusions, but it can also result in a hefty electricity bill. One way to avoid the cost of leaving your lights on the entire time you are out of town is using an automated home lighting system. From the touch screen on your smartphone, you can schedule your lights to turn on and off at certain times or manually adjust them as you wish. 

While automated technology used to be an expensive addition for most homeowners, the technology has become more affordable and is readily available with the installation of most security systems, garage doors, thermostats, or light systems. And the implications of home automation are endless. When you take advantage of the available automated technology, you can create a more energy-efficient home, saving on monthly utility bills by simply adjusting an app on your smartphone. Additionally, you can ensure you have created a safe home environment through wireless monitoring, automated lighting systems, and a garage door which can be controlled at any distance. 

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