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ARTICLE | Family in the New Millennium

Family in the New Millennium
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Atomic bombs, nuclear weapons, graft and corruption, crimes, famine, thirst, blood… name it the world has it. Nations against nations, state against church, government against the armed forces, military versus the fascists, innocent families in between, and then- the guns rattled, the defeaning sounds filled the air, then silence…
In an instant our lives are threatened with uncertainty, millions of children are facing bleak future. Everything seems dark ahead, everything is vague. But still, everybody gropes for soothing words to say; everybody hopes. Yet, what is there to hope for? But then hope- we must not let this go out of our hands, out of our grasp, out of our lives completely. It is not a question of our differences, not even of our mistakes but rather of our principles that we finally resolve and come up hopefully, with a most taken-for-granted word- the family.

Yes, family. There is nothing so queer about this, nothing so elusive. But only, this is the most abused word, its meaning drowned with forgotten memories of its truth. Our senses have become numb, our consciousness refusing to believe its existence. We often regard family with it negatively charged counterparts- divorce, abortion, incest, couples counseling -  yet we never grow up. We never even care to unbossom our blunder. We never even care to make it our overriding concern to propagate our family values and rouse the underlying benevolence within our hearts. Can we not, just for once secede from our mistakes, learn from our past and come out spiritually sanctioned?

Let's face it. Our principles are only as strong as often as our faith in God. We may not be aware of this, but it is an established fact that most often than not, our tendency to seek refuge in worldly splendour unaware that we are only putting a limit to our chance of finding serenity. We are in a labyrinth of moral darkness, lost and searching and unless we work for our escape we will be trapped forever.

How many families up there under couples counseling have separated one way or another just because of infidelity? How many juveniles were turned into delinquents just because they felt frustrated from this society? And how many of us have ever thought of family as the most basal requirement for us to ever find happiness? Ad yet, you might ask.

There are not much rules to follow for a family to bring good news to the 3rd millennium. The fundamental step on this must come from every person, who still believes in a strong family. Basically, there have to be some changes that have to take place within each member of the family. With this, we have to involve our heart, our soul, our psyche. We have to accept the fact that we are created imperfect and therefore commit mistakes. Remember, for a family to stay together, they need to accept each other.

And it comes without saying that everyone should respect the sanctity of marriage. For more information on marriage counseling, please see this link, dedicated to couples and relationships.

Next it must be considered that not all people like the idea of being reformed. People can't accept the fact that they are just human, ordinary beings who are weak and vulnerable. However, a family musn't lose faith, it must forge its effort to share the kingdom of God to others.

Indeed a family should always be a rational unit of our society. True, it is living in a life wherein facts are much stronger than fiction. But then, we live in no dreamland. There is that grim reality that we have to deal with. Each were given the gift of logic to think and reason out correctly but we are given the prerogative to use this in such a way that it all shall serve a common purpose or a morally accepted ideology.

Now let me leave you with a question, my final question.

Can your family lead the way out?

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