Monday, November 2, 2015

ARTICLE | Defining A Leader

Defining A Leader
A timely think piece on who should be a leader come 2016 Philippine presidential election.

Who said being a leader was an easy task? Does it boost self-confidence with the assumption of power and dominance over subordinates? This writer would like to think otherwise. People who regard this kind of leader must have not experienced the genuine nature of becoming one.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

ARTICLE | Analyzing American Management

In 2011, I had the privilege of working with Americans in a company operating in Saudi Arabia. As a Filipino, I have observed the striking differences with the way Americans work and how they manage people. 

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In a nutshell, Americans tend to be very direct and professional, which means there is no room for personal emotions; to them, work is work and everyone is expected to work dutifully and with no excuses. Excellent work deserves recognition, while falling short of obligations meant corresponding consequences. 

JOURNAL | Cheche Lazaro as Inspiration

Che-Che Lazaro

In our everyday search for that one person who may lead us to believe that there is still hope for a brighter future, we often fail. When we finally meet one, no matter how rare the case may be, the spark comes alive again and the embers start to burn. We find ourselves looking up and striving to reach the ideals set by that person who inspired us to hope and dream once more.

Cheche Lazaro, just like the Transformers and Bioman, has been a part of my childhood. I don’t really remember how it all began but whenever I hear Che-Che’s voice, I feel nostalgic. The world around me changes, I’m a child again. It has been twenty years since Che-Che’s Probe conquered the air and it continues to shape minds. People now see that television is not just a tube for cheap dramas showing love as the be and all of everything; not just about trivial news that makes you wonder why snakes on the loose would make it on the headlines or the Ruffa-Ylmas saga that has run like the archetypical tele/Korean/Mexican/Taiwanese/fanta/sine-serye would be given such prominence. 

ARTICLE | Birdwatching in the Philippines

In this advance age of ours, where most of our activities are occupied by technological devices, we sometimes take for granted that there are still things in life that cannot be replaced by artificial human creation. 

To wit, our concept of the world has been limited inside that boob tube and we are so alienated about the idea of how to enjoy this fleeting life. We sit in front of that screen believing that it is enough to see the world move through it. We are led to believe that we need not go experience the real thing because it will be such an effort on our part. But what do we get? Nothing but junk. I do not think that being out in the field would ever be replaced by just watching about it on some DVD or cable program. 

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