Wednesday, December 30, 2015

EVENT | Maryhill College's One Nite Only - Salsa Performance

So just before we cap the year off, I was invited to perform an exhilarating salsa performance.

What made it significantly unforgettable is that there was no prior rehearsals for the performance. It happened so quickly. I called my salsa partner who luckily is in the Philippines, told her to come to the venue by 7pm and voila, the rest was history.

The event was dubbed as One Nite Only, a charity show by Maryhill College's alumni association I graduated from the high school in 2003. Attendees go all the way from 1962 to 2015. Pretty extraordinary night. The stage all dolled up, food abundant in one corner and people from all walks of life thread the huge ballroom.

The highlight of course was the fashion show and election of officers of the alumni. But it was probably the Salsa Performance that sparked up the night. What with the undeniable salsa rhythm making everyone want to hit the floor. And even the band concentrated on playing standard latin songs of cha cha cha and swing.

Here you see me and my dance partner Eljane as we prep up for our number. We decided to split the performance in the tune of Balada (Gustavo Lima) & Yo Vengo De Cuba (FClan).

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