Tuesday, December 8, 2015

JOURNAL | Conversations with Efren

This article was written in 2011, while eating dinner in our accommodation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Me & Efren at the Saudi Office
Efren is a fellow Quezonian. He's from Atimonan and tonight we have discussed a number of social issues in the Philippines. Let me just breakdown the discussed points:

Problems in the Philippines

  • Form of Government : Democracy vs Parliamentary vs Monarchy/Political Dynasty
  • Education System: Essential Subjects in Schools
  • Filipino Mentality/Orientation: Family Centric, Regionalism, Crab Mentality, Culture of Smallness
  • Starting Business or Employment: Coffee Shop, Rice, Grocery Store

And speaking of business, this reminded greatly of the importance of planning and deciding what will be a clear direction of my future.

I am interested in coffee shops and restaurant, but I also would like to start a hostel much like what I've seen in China where foreigners can have a peaceful and decent place to stay in, plus a place to dine or just relax.  

What I only need is a clear direction. Perhaps I should consult Mellany and Dazzle about this plan sooner or later. Time is running out for me. Soon I'll be turning 27 when I finish my contract here in Riyadh and I'd like to settle down at 35. Well I still have my online business going but even that is not lucrative. I'm not really aiming at fast money but I just have to make sure that I am moving towards the right direction.

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