Sunday, December 13, 2015

JOURNAL | Musings of the Season

So I have been walking around the metro, that is Lucena City. At SM City Lucena for instance, the spirit of the season is so visible- lights everywhere, Christmas tree upon entrance, carols playing loudly on speakers. Even the shoppers do not seem to get tire visiting shops here and there. You'll find my photos below.

When I was younger though, Christmas had a very different meaning to me. It was all about new clothes, new shoes, and basically everything new. Christmas was commercially driven. It's like one is obligated to spend his hard earned money during this season.

But as you grow older, you realize that Christmas is not about the material things (yes, I wouldn't complain if I receive something) but it is more of reflecting and looking at how much blessed you have been for the whole year.

I like to sit in a coffee shop and ponder about all these life realizations. I make it a point to write notes and digress. Then you will feel happy that despite the many downs you've been to, the many ups still are reasons for you to look forward to continuing. It ain't easy living this life, but we move on because we know that at the end of this road will be a happier place.

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