Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What's Up With "Expat In The City"

So, Expat In The City blogger has not been very active recently because the author is working on some related websites to make viewing photos so much easier and more organized.

Whew, at least the cat's out of the bag now.

The long and short of it all, is that there are now two related wordpress sites which you can browse to go over some photos of places the author has visited, as well as photoshoots and events covered in the past few days.

Expat In The City

This wordpress travel blog features some of the most beautiful still photos the author has captured in his travels. It showcases the in-depth look of places and spots which might interest any future traveler. 

Latest posts include:

#Palaisdaan Resort in Tayabas, Quezon
#Popular Delicacies in Lucban
#Alvino's Restaurant in Lucena City
#Calixto Cafe, The Century Old Ancestral House of Zaballero
#Tips and Cups Cafe
#and so much more

Model Shoot Portfolio

This wordpress photo blog organizes the portrait shots of the most beautiful people the author has worked with in the industry. It also has snippets of events and photo tricks done by the photographer.

Latest posts include:
#Jarrett for Male Pageant
#Zandro for Male Pageant
#Nischal, Home Set Up with One Lighting
#Epi M. for Mock Up in Black & White
#Fashion Show with Designers from Lucena City

In the upcoming days, more linking will happen in this site and that makes the blogging experience even more exciting. So hope you are still there to catch the latest developments. Ciao!

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