Sunday, February 28, 2016

TRAVEL | Commute to BGC

So you have a job interview coming up soon. And the office is in BGC, but you don't kknw how to get there. Fret no more, here's a quick fix:

How to Get to BGC

1. Get off at Guadalupe and find the jeepney en route to Market Market.
2. From Market Market, find the bus station going to BGC. Take the "Central Route". You can buy the ticket from a kiosque not far from the waiting station.
3. The BGC bus ONLY stops at certain bus stations, so make sure that you know where your bus stop is.

Market Market 

From this point, you will find that there are jeepney terminals going to different areas such as Taft, Pasig, etc. It will be helpful if you can locate the nearest terminals in your area.


Guadalupe to Market Market = 12.00 PhP
Market Market to BGC = 12.00 PhP

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