Monday, February 1, 2016

DANCE | Starting Rueda De Casino in Lucena City

This afternoon, I visited our local town's park to see how it is. At the back of my mind, I want to introduce Rueda De Casino to my townsfolk. Perhaps I can start doing this by conducting a free Rueda class in the park (much like what they do in Cuba or Brazil), where people just dance their hearts out.

Even in Manila, there is no Rueda community that one can be proud of. If anything, the salsa community here in the Philippines has been reduced to few can-afford people. The general impression with Latin Dancing is that it is only for the social elites. After all, a common Pinoy would think that there is some money involved in dancing.

What is Rueda De Casino? Learn more from this article- Dance | La Rueda

But now that I am here, I hope to change all these negative impressions and hopefully start a small salsa community here in Lucena City. I have assessed the feasibility of salsa growing in this side of town, and I feel that this will be a huge challenge.

I have yet to meet any groups that deals with salsa dancing. And without salsa, there won't be Rueda De Casino.

So my goal now is to really start the salsa group and make waves, not just in Lucena City but also in the whole Philippines and who knows, the World.

PS. The International Rueda De Casino Flashmob is happening this April. I am not sure if I will be able to mobilize people but I will try. No harm in trying right. :)

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