Saturday, February 13, 2016

JOURNAL | Valentines For Singles

Today is Valentine's Day.

Not that I am celebrating, but despite being single; I do have more reasons than one to be grateful today. After all, this day is all about love and that love encompasses everything. Love for a special someone is not limited to boyfriends/girlfriends or husbands/wives (or mistresses for that matter). More than that, you have your family, your friends and most importantly yourself.

I'm not really a fan of commercialism. If anything, Valentine's Day has been exploited by entrepreneurs to boost sales especially of chocolates and flowers, or other expensive items. Showing you care has been reduced to how much you can spend on somebody... and we are left to believe that this is the only way.

I have never seen much posts on social media about how one is always present for somebody during times of trouble; or how one walks in the park to enjoy sunset/sunrise. No, these "trivial" things do not amount to love anymore. We have been reduced to naive consumers. We feel special when we receive or give something expensive. To the receiver, this is tantamount to how much can be spent on them. To the giver, it shows how he can afford them. Works both ways, if I may say.

But then again, Valentine's Day is just a day. This too shall pass.

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