Sunday, February 14, 2016

EVENT | Salsa Performance at King & Queen of Hearts 2016

On Feb 12, 2016, I had  the privilege to showcase salsa, samba and rueda de casino to the audience of Lucena City. It was a spectacular six-minute show, and a successful one I might say. Albeit the complications (losing one member for the night show), the three of us managed to pull off the show; and we did it with a bang.

You see, salsa is not a very popular form of dance in this quaint city in the South. If anything, towns folk see any social dance as a regular ballroom dance fit for old and bored people. To speak of salsa is enough to lose people's attention.

But today we showed that salsa is absolutely one dance form that can be enjoyed by all ages. More than dancing, one benefits by being physically fit and building social confidence. 

Photo insert: Performers during the salsa night.


So here to share with you a short clip of our salsa performance, featuring songs from Brazil & Cuba. The beat is so groovy you cannot help but sway to it.

It starts with the samba "Macalena" followed by "Balada" and a little salsa and rueda de casino to the tune of "Yo Vengo De Cuba". In the Rueda De Casino segment, it should have been two couples. However, due to unforeseen circumstance, we had to work it out with the three of us. Good thing it worked out.

With this, we hope to raise awareness on the potential of salsa and rueda de casino as a social dance for everyone in as much as zumba is gaining popularity.

This coming April 2016, the International Rueda De Casino Flashmob will be staged across the globe. I would like to take big step and become the first from the Philippines to join in this wonderful dance endeavour.

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